5 Nov
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It’s been 3 days now since that first Tuesday in November.  A Republican deluge in the House has exposed the Obama administration for what it is – a clique of inept, power hungry control freaks, unable to accept their limited power as mere mortals, baffled by the view of ordinary citizens that their programs cause more harm than good, and arrogant as hell.

The promise that was Barack Obama – the healer, the non-partisan, the everyman, the savior – is now fully belied.  Attacked from the far left almost as much from the right, Obama pleases nobody except those who don’t follow politics and still appreciate his baritone and flashy smile and swagger; in other words, the same people who would elect George Clooney if he were to run for office.

There are the sycophant media outlets who still stand by him – network news, the Times, Rolling Stone, MTV, and Comedy Central. But no serious observer of politics counts these completely dull (in the case of network news) or outwardly liberal biased (in the case of the Times, RS, and CC) as reliable bell weathers.  What more proof does one need than smoking and predator drones?  For years the left shrilly attacked tobacco, and denounced the use of predator drones as cowardly and counter-productive because they killed civilians.  By all media accounts, Mr. Obama still smokes cigarettes, and by all official number keeping has stepped up the use of predatory drones in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Imagine if he were George Bush.

Americans overwhelming rejected the president’s Euro-socialist agenda.  They voted against crushing debt and out-of-control spending.  The Tea Party successfully won primaries and defeated some very powerful incumbents.  Much to my chagrin, Harry Reid is still slithering around Washington, but Republicans can celebrate the re-taking of the House, and the ability to drive the legislative agenda for the next two years.

Repeal Obamacare and reform entitlements.  Make sure we win in Afghanistan and leave with honor.  Cut the power of the EPA and the radical environmental movement.  Legalize incandescent light bulbs again.  Legalize nuclear power.  Reform health insurance and make the industry more vibrant through more competition.  Institute term limits on Congress.  These are just some things a more conservative Congress should focus on accomplishing.

NYC did not have as strong a showing as we would have liked.  More to come on that.

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