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17 Nov
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$600,000,000,000 and all we get is 9.1% unemployment?

From MarketWatch:

[Boston Federal Reserve Bank president Eric] Rosengren, a strong supporter of the Fed’s $600 billion plan to purchase Treasurys, said the plan could cut the unemployment rate by about half a percentage point by the end of 2012, or more than 700,000 additional jobs.

So in 13 months we may see unemployment approach an even 9%?  Maybe?  And this is what we’ve printed $600 billion for?

Call me crazy, but does this Rosengren sound like he’s trying to draw attention to the government’s impotency?

10 Nov
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The Great One’s Masterpiece

Jeffrey Lord at The American Spectator offers some reflection on Mark Levin’s Liberty & Tyranny, the 2010 election, and the conservative wave that swept the nation.

As a listener for over 5 years, I can say Mr. Levin knows how to lead a cause and educate the activists.  I cannot recommend the book highly enough.

9 Nov
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NYYRC Fall Celebration

NYYRC Fall Celebration

November 23rd, 2010
Domenicos Restaurant, 120 East 40th Street (b/w Park & Lex)

After a long and exhausting campaign season, it’s time to take a deep breath and let off a little steam!  Join fellow members of the NYYRC as we toast to everyone’s hard work and support.

3 Hours of Open Bar and Plenty of Delicious Heavy Hors d’Oeuvres.

RSVP TODAY & Take Advantage of the 2011 DISCOUNTED Membership!

The Fall Celebration is complimentary to our Red White & Blue, Bald Eagle, and President members with your RSVP.

Member Rates
  • Event plus Regular Member Renewal: $70
  • Event plus Associate Member Renewal: $100
  • Event Only: $50
Non-Member Rates
  • Event plus Regular Member (40 years old and Under) Renewal: $70
  • Event plus Associate Member (41 years and Above) Renewal: $100
  • Event Only $105

NYYRC Member Rate

NYYRC Associate Member Rate

NYYRC Non-Member Rate

Non-Member Event Only Rate

9 Nov
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URGENT: Altschuler NY-1 Recount…Volunteers Needed

The Altschuler campaign is looking for volunteers to help with the upcoming Recount.   Please see the message below.

On election night, the local Board of Elections on Long Island prematurely declared Democrat Tim Bishop the winner in the congressional race in New York Congressional District 1 (Eastern Long Island) over Republican candidate Randy Altschuler, by several thousand votes. There are still approximately 10,000 absentee ballots which have not been counted.

We need your help to: 1) monitor the counting of the absentee ballots this week; 2) assist in opposing the recount of the paper ballots, or, alternatively, assist in the recount of those paper ballots.  While the schedule for all of this is still unfolding, we believe that the counting of the absentee ballots will begin on Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at the Board of Elections office in Yaphank (the address for the Board of Elections is 70 County Road 21 (Yaphank Rd), Yaphank, NY – take exit 67 on the L.I.E., head south and it will be on the left before you cross over the railroad).

The count will most likely continue through at least Friday, November 19, 2010.  The Altschuler campaign needs as many volunteers as possible to oversee the counting of the absentee ballots on those days. We will be working in shifts, so if you are willing to help out, please let me know your availability to assist from Wednesday, November 17 through Friday, November 19.

The campaign is also planning to have a meeting of “Ballot” volunteers on Tuesday at 7:30 PM at Randy’s headquarters on Portion Rd. in Farmingville to set up a schedule, go over the procedures and discuss things to look for as the process goes along.

The call in number for tomorrow at 7:30 pm will be 605-475-4800 ext 605530#. There will also be some time in the morning of the count to confer before the counting actually begins.  Please let me know if you can be available to assist on Wednesday, Thursday and/or Friday of this week.

Please respond to Howard Bergson at with your email addresses and cell phone numbers.

9 Nov
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YRs: Help in NY 25 recount effort!

A note from the Anne Marie Buerkle Campaign:

The Anne Marie Buerkle campaign is interested in lining up YR volunteers to help with the pending recount in NY 25 (Syracuse and surrounding area). The volunteers are needed on November 17 and 18.  Next Wednesday and Thursday.

I realize not everyone can drop everything and head up to Syracuse. But those who are at loose ends, or have vacation time to burn… the Anne Marie Buerkle campaign could use help. Especially from lawyers and those who have experience with recounts and absentee ballots.

Deadline to RSVP to the campaign in Monday night, November 15th. They are confident that some sort of accomodations can be found for YRs travelling in from outside the area. Contact Josh at 315-849-3964 or for more details or to RSVP.

5 Nov
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It’s been 3 days now since that first Tuesday in November.  A Republican deluge in the House has exposed the Obama administration for what it is – a clique of inept, power hungry control freaks, unable to accept their limited power as mere mortals, baffled by the view of ordinary citizens that their programs cause more harm than good, and arrogant as hell.

The promise that was Barack Obama – the healer, the non-partisan, the everyman, the savior – is now fully belied.  Attacked from the far left almost as much from the right, Obama pleases nobody except those who don’t follow politics and still appreciate his baritone and flashy smile and swagger; in other words, the same people who would elect George Clooney if he were to run for office.

There are the sycophant media outlets who still stand by him – network news, the Times, Rolling Stone, MTV, and Comedy Central. But no serious observer of politics counts these completely dull (in the case of network news) or outwardly liberal biased (in the case of the Times, RS, and CC) as reliable bell weathers.  What more proof does one need than smoking and predator drones?  For years the left shrilly attacked tobacco, and denounced the use of predator drones as cowardly and counter-productive because they killed civilians.  By all media accounts, Mr. Obama still smokes cigarettes, and by all official number keeping has stepped up the use of predatory drones in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Imagine if he were George Bush.

Americans overwhelming rejected the president’s Euro-socialist agenda.  They voted against crushing debt and out-of-control spending.  The Tea Party successfully won primaries and defeated some very powerful incumbents.  Much to my chagrin, Harry Reid is still slithering around Washington, but Republicans can celebrate the re-taking of the House, and the ability to drive the legislative agenda for the next two years.

Repeal Obamacare and reform entitlements.  Make sure we win in Afghanistan and leave with honor.  Cut the power of the EPA and the radical environmental movement.  Legalize incandescent light bulbs again.  Legalize nuclear power.  Reform health insurance and make the industry more vibrant through more competition.  Institute term limits on Congress.  These are just some things a more conservative Congress should focus on accomplishing.

NYC did not have as strong a showing as we would have liked.  More to come on that.

5 Nov
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The New York Young Republican Club celebrates Republican victories around the country and the taking back of the House of Representatives.  Before the votes were cast, our board members were highlighted in the media, offering their unique “New York Republican” perspective on this year’s important decisions.

NYYRC Campaign Chairman, Brian Morgenstern was interviewed by MTV on the topic of this year’s election.

Also, NYYRC Public Relations Chairman Chris Hamilton interviewed by NYU News.

1 Nov
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Election Day – Last 36 Hour Push to Victory

A timely message from our president:

We are ready to celebrate tomorrow night at the Election Night Victory Party at the Hilton. But first, will you help us in our final 24 hour Campaign push to get our Republican candidates elected?

TONIGHT: Do you have an hour tonight between 11 PM tonight and 6 AM Tuesday morning to help hang signs the hours before the polls open?

TUESDAY, ELECTION DAY!: Our Republican candidates need volunteers. Wear campaign t-shirts and hand out literature outside of polling sites 7am-9:30am or 5pm-7:30pm. (Paul Niehaus’ and Saul Farber’s campaigns are offering $10 / hour to help the campaigns on election day. Hours are available from 6am until 9pm.)

EMAIL OR CALL: NYYRC Campaign Chair Brian Morgenstern (347) 850-3193,


Jennifer Gallacher
New York Young Republican Club

1 Nov
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Monday November 1st
Do you have an hour Monday night between the hours of 11PM and 6am Tuesday Morning? Help us hang signs the hours before the polls open!
Metropolitan Club, 122 East 83rd St
Tuesday November 2nd
Our Republican candidates also need volunteers on Election Day! Wear campaign t-shirts, hand out literature outside of polling sites 7am-9:30am or 5pm-7:30pm on Tuesday November 2nd.

RSVP by emailing or calling Campaign Chair Brian Morgenstern:
(347) 850-3193,

Donate an hour of your time and then come celebrate with us at the Tuesday Night Victory Party! Details below.

Saul Farber (26th State Senate District)

Paul Niehaus (73rd Assembly District)

Ryan Brumberg (14th Congressional District)

Susan Kone (8th Congressional District)

Michel Faulkner (15th Congressional District)

John K. Wilson (37th Assembly District)