27 Aug
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Cabbie Stabbing

From the New York Times:

In fact, Mr. Enright’s interest in the plight of young troops was growing into a passion, say those who know him. Within two months of contacting Mr. Anthony, Mr. Enright traveled to Hawaii to join a Marine unit deploying to Afghanistan, with the idea of filming a documentary about their experiences.

He was already volunteering with a nonprofit group whose mission included fostering understanding between religions and cultures, veterans and civilians.

Mr. Enright told Mr. Anthony that he wanted to make a film about his book, “Mass Casualties: A Young Medic’s True Story of Death, Deception and Dishonor in Iraq.”

In several telephone conversations, some lasting as long as 45 minutes, Mr. Anthony recalled, “There was zero hint of bigotry, prejudice.”

It goes without saying that an unprovoked stabbing of an innocent driver is a crime, and that Enright deserves a few years in prison.

It is equally important not to let the Left use the case of a deranged military filmmaker into the poster child for all those who oppose the Ground Zero Mosque.  As evidence by this Times story, Enright’s motivations seem to be tied to the carnage and terror he witnessed overseas.

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