18 Aug
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Americans Are Evaluating Their Ideal Government

In 2008, Americans were looking to improve Washington D.C. and make the federal government more effective in solving the problems that faced the nation both domestically and abroad.  They knew that they wanted to get away from the depressing years of the Bush presidency, which brought on 9/11, enduring wars, and a sagging economy.  Whether former President Bush is responsible for any of those circumstances is up for debate, but clearly the American people were looking to go in a new direction.  Their goal was to elect a leader that would make them forget about the misery of the past 8 years and lead America into a new golden age of prosperity and good feeling.  Their plan was to elect a leader that wanted to “change” Washington D.C. and make it more effective for the citizens of the United State.  So, their plan evolved into electing Barack Obama the 44th president of the United States.  The voters executed this plan on November 4, 2008 and many celebrated in Hyde Park that night believing that the nations problems had been solved with the election of President Obama.

However, over the past 20 months, Americans have gotten the chance to evaluate President Obama and are unsure whether he has been successful in bringing a more effective government to D.C. than his predecessor.  Even though they still believe that the federal government failed under George W. Bush, they don’t think that Barack Obama has provided the answer they were looking for.  Americans didn’t expect nationalized health care, takeovers of car companies, ineffective handling of a major environmental crisis (BP oil spill in the gulf), and an unemployment rate hovering near 10%.  These results from the current White House have caused voters to question whether Barack Obama is capable of delivering the government they sought in 2008.  Groups such as the tea party, independents, and  the “professional left” have disagreed with the President’s approach to handling our nation’s problems in varying ways.  However, the most troubling for the current President is how Independents have fled from him in droves.  According to the Gallup Poll released on Monday, only 39% of independents approve of the president’s job in office, which is a 23% drop since this time last year.  Over the same time period, Republicans have only dropped 5% in their approval of Obama, which is at an all-time low of 12%.  So, in order to create an effective government in D.C., Americans are considering giving President Obama and the Democrats less power, and turning over seats in the House and the Senate to the Republican Party.

This logic is driving the last CNN Opinion Research poll, which shows that the eventual GOP nominee would come out on top against President Obama 50-45 in the 2012 election.  That is a solid advantage for a potential Republican presidential candidate, with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney (21%) receiving the most support from those polled. However, as this same poll in 1994 had Bill Clinton losing by 15 points to an eventual GOP nominee in 1996, so things can change.  In order for President Obama to bring the “change” people want to the federal government, he MUST listen to the people.  This mistake of “tuning” out the American people was made by LBJ and George W. Bush, who both left office with dismal approval ratings.  Obama has to realize that independents in this county were not asking for “more” government, but rather ?effective” government.  Passing a nearly $800 billion stimulus bill that causes unemployment to rise close to 10%, rather than stay under 8% as promised is not effective.   Unless the president can find a way to lower unemployment dramatically by 2012 and generate economic growth, he will go down easily in defeat, as Jimmy Carter did to Ronald Reagan in 1980.  Unemployment is Obama’s number one problem and it seems that he has no clue on how to solve it.  Obama would be wise to echo Ronald Reagan and build broad coalitions in Congress, so that good legislation, rather than partisan legislation, can be created.  If he does this, than I believe Barack Obama will be elected in 2o12.  If he tries to go it alone with the Democrats, then Obama might have one of the most unsuccessful presidencies in American history.

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  • “Unemployment is Obama’s number one problem and it seems that he has no clue on how to solve it.”

    Yes that’s true…. From MarketWatch:

    “Jobless claims jump to nine-month high
    First-time filings up 12,000 in latest week to 500,000, data show

    WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — First-time filings for state unemployment benefits rose unexpectedly in the latest week to reclaim the highest level for this key economic benchmark since the middle of last November, the Labor Department reported Thursday.”