19 Jun
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The Things I realized from the oil spill

1. We are not as technologically advanced as I thought.

2. It is indeed a shame to see so much oil being wasted and not used to heat our homes or drive our cars.

3. Good thing the current government had not taken over the oil industry and halted capitalism and business, because like Obama himself stated, the government just does not have the technology that BP does.

4. I have to agree with Hayward that Americans are more likely to file lawsuits, whether “bogus” or genuine.

5. The isle of wight is a beautiful place! I had the opportunity visit there a couple of years ago. But now is not the best time for BP execs to go there.

6. I found Hayward’s “stonewalling” of congress amusing.

7. We can all learn a lesson from Kevin Costner-it always profits to be an inventor.

8. Water is precious, and abundant in the United States-protecting it and using it wisely should be a national priority.

9. Obama will shamelessly use this to advance his global warming, energy efficient, carbon cutting agenda because that is what a semi-smart politician does.

10. Recycle.

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1 Comment

  • For me, I finally was relieved of the persistent myth that birds and fish like to be covered in light, sweet crude. Who would have thunk it?