16 Jun
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Profiles in Leadership: Time To Study Pres. Obama

During his oval office address last night, President Obama brought up two central themes that he has harped on over the past two months: BP will pay for what it has done and that offshore drilling has to cease production permanently.  However, the American people are TIRED of hearing this everlasting refrain.  They want to know HOW YOU plan to plug the hole Mr. President and clean up the oil spill in the Gulf Coast.  They don’t care WHO is responsible for the rig exploding and or for the inefficient response to the cleanup, they just want to know how the hole will be FIXED and the coast line will be CLEANED.  This type of response would’ve shown leadership from our president and drawn praise from the American public.  Instead, today, the citizens of  United States, and especially of Louisiana, let it be known that they were underwhelmed by the last night’s oval office speech and have further lost confidence in the President’s ability to handle the spill.  One person who Louisiana residents have praised for his response to the spill is Governor Bobby Jindal, who’s approval rating stands at an astounding 63% in poll released yesterday by Public Policy Polling (Democratic pollster).  Not only does President Obama have a poor approval rating of 42% in the latest Rasmussen poll, but Louisiana voters in the same PPP poll give former President George W. Bush a 50-35 advantage when comparing his response to Hurricane Katrina to Obama’s response to the oil spill.  With the horrible performance shown by the President last night in addressing the nation, I thought it would be helpful to provide him with two current examples of leadership, Bobby Jindal & Chris Christie, and two past examples of leadership, John F. Kennedy & Ronald Reagan, so he could learn how to become a better president.  This country needs President Obama to either improve or get out of the way and let someone else take charge of the Oval Office.  Our country can’t afford his incompetence or his destructive ideology much longer.

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