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5 May
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Linguistic Deception

Victor Davis Hanson dissects the Orwellian euphemism and dysphemism of our president in his NRO article today.  The first 3 paragraphs, for your enjoyment:

Barack Obama once warned, “Don’t tell me words don’t matter!” He was right. They do.

These days, financiers and investors are a “bunch” of “fat-cat bankers.” When your 401(k) tanks, surely a “bunch” of “fat-cat” miscreants who run a “bank” did it. I have a fat cat — and nothing is more unpleasant than to see this lazy pet sleep all day, yawn, and then turn over on his rolls of fat.

“I make a lot more money if I take this kid’s tonsils out,” the president also warned, speaking in the voice of an unscrupulous pediatric surgeon. Note the use of “take out” instead of “operate.” Obama preferred also “kid’s” for “patient’s.” Presto — a surgeon performing a carefully considered tonsillectomy becomes a swaggering chopper who carves out a tonsil or two from an unlucky child for an exorbitant profit.

3 May
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When Fox News Goes Wrong

The most refreshing thing about Fox News is that they usually strike a different chord than the other media outlets.  Most recently, this can be see in their overall support of the Tea Party, and their refusal to correlate the nascent protest with an exegesis on political manners.  Fox News is the preferred outlet for conservatives, and generally I find myself in the position of defending the courageous network.

Having said that, I confess that inference leads me to believe they attract a certain hedonistic element.  Regular visitors to are probably familiar with the softcore pornography section under the virtual fold, typically featuring more than one photo of bikini/lingerie clad women.  This is the smut section.  Well, today it actually features a no-apologies recommendation to masturbate to pornography.

2 excerpts will more than suffice:

1. It’s easy access. It doesn’t matter if you’re alone in the bedroom, the bathroom, or the family room, as long as you can pretty much guarantee privacy, you can do it. It doesn’t always take two to tango.

2. It’s simple to do. Erotic reading or film viewing can add a little spice and there are plenty of products to help you along. But the truth is, you don’t need a thing. You came into this world fully equipped. All the more reason to take advantage of what you’ve got.

I feel like CNN would at least present this in a more pseudo-sophisticated, subversive manner… something like “New Study Proves Masturbation Reduces Prostate Cancer Risk.”  You know, like how wine (alcohol) reduces your risk of heart attacks (sure).  Apparently the conservative Fox News audience doesn’t much care about the alleged, most likely bogus, health benefits?  That in itself is a bit heartening.

At any rate, it does strike this reader as off-key to see Fox News carrying editorials one would expect to find in High Times or Playboy.