16 May
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American People Still Searching For Leadership

Barack Obama has been President of the United States for 16 months.  The American people have learned a lot about President Obama and what he wants to do for America.  President Obama has learned nothing about the American people.  This is why on Thursday, April 15…tax day…thousands upon thousands of Americans took time out of their busy lives to send a sour note to the current administration in the White House.  These Americans were fed up with the elitism and arrogance being displayed in the oval office and wanted their voices heard. The tea party is portrayed by the mainstream media as a fringe movement of angry activists that are not in touch with reality.  However, what really is a fringe movement is the Mainstream Media, who’s influence over the American people drops faster each day than President Obama’s approval ratings.  So, what we have here is a misconception of the political reality facing Democrats in November.  It is a very similar climate to 1994, when Newt Gingrich and his Contract with America swept Republicans to a massive victory that gave them control of the House for the first time in 40 years.  It is also a similar climate to 1980, when Ronald Reagan defeated incumbent Jimmy Carter by 10 points….5o-4o…to win the presidency.  Both times the “dinosaur media” was shocked by the results and had trouble explaining to the public what had occurred.  This is because the Mainstream Media was out of touch with American people then and they are even more out of touch today.  A silent majority is ready to take back control of Washington D.C. and bring real “change” to American politics.

During the presidencies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama, the federal government has expanded astronomically and has left the the United States more than a trillion dollars in debt.  This number scares the American people as they see a government that has grown too fast, and will provide  a burden on the liberty of future generations who will have to pay it off.  This irresponsibility of both administrations has led people to identify with a Tea Party movement that is not led by a charismatic leader like Obama, but rather by the idea that government needs to go back to its roots…the Constitution…where its main job to is to protect the liberty of its citizens and not take it away with massive entitlement programs.  This is why the Democrats won back Congress  in 2006 and Barack Obama won the presidency in 2008 .  I know that statement might be confusing to you, so let me explain.

When Newt Gingrich led the GOP to control of the House, the main element of the Contract with America that they were looking to enact was a balanced budget.  After the failure of Hillarycare and corruption of Congressional Democrats led to a massive GOP win in 1994, Bill Clinton was in danger of being thrown out of office in 1996.  Bill Clinton, being a smart and saavy politician, decided it was best to work with Gingrich in cutting the federal budget.  This decision led to Clinton being reelected in 1996, as he signed into law courageous centrist policies such as welfare reform and reduced the size of the federal government.  Most Americas were thrilled with the results of his presidency and were hoping for similar governing from his successor George W. Bush.  However, President Bush started his presidency by creating two large government programs that led to increased federal spending.  They were the No Child Left Behind education program and the prescription drug benefits program for Seniors.   This two measures among others caused Bush to rack up the largest amount of entitlement spending since LBJ and the Great Society.  Also, after 9-11,  President Bush got America embroiled in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, which were very costly to operate and maintain during his presidency.  The governing of George W. Bush led the United States to take a surplus from Clinton administration and turn it into a multi-billion dollar deficit.  Bush’s running up of a large deficit and failure to manage the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, led to the Democrats taking over Congress in 2006.   During the two years before the 2008 election, the partisan rancor in Washington was at an all time high and Americans were looking for a centrist and practical President that would provide a new style of politics in Washington D.C.  In that door stepped Illinois Senator Barack Obama.

Barack Obama presented himself during the 2008 presidential campaign as a centrist Democrat who would  build broad coalitions to achieve policy goals.  He talked of the fact that we are not “red states” or “blue states,” but the United States of America.  He spoke of bringing “change” to Washington and a new, open style of politics to the nation’s capital.  After living through the nasty divisiveness of the Bush presidency, the American people longed for a president that could bring the country together and make America respected again in the world.  During the campaign, President Obama sounded like a moderate Democrat in vowing to cut taxes for 95% of Americans and go through budget items line by line to make sure that there was no government waste.  Obama came off as a sensible politician that would be very strategic and measured in making policy decisions.  Even though Barack Obama had very radical friends during his time as a community organizer in Chicago and was the most liberal member of the U.S. Senate, many people looked past his associations and voting record.  They didn’t believe his background was a good guide in deciding his future as president.  Instead, the focused on Obama’s soaring rhetoric and can-do-attitude regarding the future of America and voted him into the White House as the 44th President of the United States.  16 months later, many Americans who voted for Barack Obama look at their selection as a major mistake.  The reason for their rejection of President Obama stems from America’s rightward turn in political ideology since the election of Ronald Reagan as president in 1980.

With the election of Ronald Reagan, America finally saw that conservatism was the answer to providing wealth and prosperity in the United States.  After the Great Depression, America was very hesitant conservatism and thought its tight connection with the free market is what led to the collapse of the stock market in 1929.  That is why from 1928-1980, the only Republicans who made it to the White House were moderates Dwight D. Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, and Gerald Ford. Eisenhower believed in the effectiveness of government , which led to him developing the interstate highway system.  Also, Eisenhower believe in balanced budgets and not tax cuts like his successor John F. Kennedy.  Richard Nixon was also a big government liberal Republican that often gets swept into the conservative movement by the media in attempt to demonize it. Nixon believed in expanded powers of the federal government, including support of increased welfare and health care spending.  Nixon’s successor, Gerald Ford, was pro-choice, which puts him at odds with many conservatives.  The previous three Republican administrations is why the election of Ronald Reagan was monumental and earth shattering.  Reagan believed in cutting taxes, cutting spending, increasing the defense budget, protecting the sanctity of life, and renewing American patriotism and pride.  His can do attitude and belief in the American middle class worker led to the longest peace time growth in nation’s history.  After the divisive year’s of George W. Bush, where America took a step back abroad and suffered a financial meltdown at the end of Bush’s second term, Americans reserved the same optimism for Barack Obama.  However, they have been extremely disappointed in their new president.

President Barack Obama has been the anti-Reagan, proving that his campaign speeches simply meant that government, rather than the people, would be at the forefront of his “CHANGE” agenda.  President Obama has taken drastic steps in increasing the size and scope of the federal budget, even after the hundreds of billions of dollars of debt he inherited from George W. Bush.  President Obama has tripled the deficit to $1.8 trillion since being in office by passing a huge stimulus package and a massive health care entitlement.  The stimulus package hasn’t provided many jobs to middle class Americans, but rather has caused unemployment to rise to10%.  The health care bill signed into law this past March is expected to raise insurance premiums and increase taxes on middle class families.  Unlike Reagan, Obama’s governing has led to a shrinking of the economy rather than its expansion.  Businesses are afraid to invest in workers, since they are unsure what additional costs would come with each new hiring.  They are unsure how the government plans to reduce the deficit and what impact the new health care plan will have on their bottom line.  Also, Wall Street and other major businesses in the United States have been berated by the Obama administration for the financial collapse and now are afraid to spend any money on private jets, entertainment, sports, business meetings, etc.  This stranglehold on big business has hurt small businesses that rely on their clientele.  Unlike Reagan, who brought all Americans together with his colloquial speaking style and optimistic view of what was possible for  all Americans, Obama speaks with a petulant tone and is dismissive of those who dare to question his motives.  Reagan welcomed a debate of ideas and had his back and forth on issues with House speaker Tip O’Neil.  No matter how heated their exchanges would become during the day, at the close of business, Reagan and O’Neil would end the day with a drink and a conservation.  That civility has been absent in Obama’s Washington, where he famously told House Republicans in their first meeting together, “We won, we write the bill.”  This arrogance and dismissive attitude towards the opposition has also extended to ordinary American citizens who joined the “Tea Party Movement” to protest Obama’s spending policies and show their concern for the nation’s debt crisis.  Obama denounced this group of Americans as “teabaggers”, a term describing a sexual act that should be clearly be beneath the office of the presidency.  The president has shown during his time in office that if you disagree with what he believes that he will call you out publicly rather than have a civil dialogue with you behind closed doors.  Just ask Officer Crowley and the Supreme Court.  President Obama has proved to be a liberal ideologue in his governing and he has tried to jam his views and beliefs down the American people’s throats, rather than look to compromise with them and congressional Republicans who think problems can be addressed differently.  Lastly, unlike Reagan, Obama has not employed a foreign policy of “Peace through Strength” that helped to end the Cold War, but rather has weakened our national defense.  Ronald Reagan used a strong ally in U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to put pressure on the communist Soviet Union with tough rhetoric and increased missile defense.  President Obama has mistreated our ally Israel and diminished their confidence in us, while Iran continues to progress on their nuclear program with no actions or harsh rhetoric by the administration.  Rather, the president has reserves his tough rhetoric to criticize United States foreign policy, demeaning measures that helped our country defeat Nazism, Fascism, and Totalitarianism during World War II as well as put an end to Soviet communism in the 1980s.  Also, instead of increasing our weaponry and missile defense as a strong deterrent for Iran to go forward with their nuclear program, President Obama instead signed a nuclear disarmament treaty with Russia, that lays out no strict conditions for Russian disarmament.  So, clearly President Obama’s arrogance, partisanship, and weakness has caused him to lose favor with the American people.

Now, as 2010 approaches, its time for the American people to give a strong message to President Obama and congressional Democrats, that government entitlement programs and destruction of American Exceptionalism will not be tolerated by our leaders.  Americans believe in an individual and collectivist society, but they don’t believe in bureaucracy, inefficient management, and Chicago thug-style politics.  Americans believe that “individuals” working together as a “collective” unit is what makes our country most successful.  For instance, the “rich” use their capital to invest in businesses or products, which allow middle-class people to obtain jobs and accumulate their own wealth working for the private venture.   With their accumulated wealth, Americans take care of those less fortunate by donating a portion of their wealth to those less fortunate.  Most Americans don’t believe that they can sit on the sidelines, and let government take care of the poor.  Rather they believe it is THERE responsibility to lift up those who are in need by offering them a hand up.  Through their own individual hard work and effort, people create a better life for themselves and their family.  They also contribute what they can to helping out citizens who have fallen on hard times.  In the cases of human despair, such as Hurricane Katrina, Americans time and again show their compassion for their fellow citizens and contribute substantial resources to get them back on their feet.  In 2010, Americans will send the Democrats a message that government is supposed to protect the people from all enemies, foreign and domestic, not redistribute their resources.  Government needs to make sure that people are not being exploited by the private sector, not run the private sector.  Government is supposed to regulate health insurance companies, not put bureaucratic red tape between patients and their doctors.  The American people will send a message in November, that limited government is what’s best for America.  A nation of 300 million people can make better decisions for themselves and this country, then a few hundred bureaucrats in Washington, DC.  2010 is the year that the people take back their government.

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