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29 Apr
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It might be time to cash in that favor, Unions.

Watching the NYS budget fiasco and Gov Patterson’s all out war against the Unions…I daresay it is about time the Unions looked to Washington and their Knight in Shining Armor to get them out this mess. I’m sure they never imagined that they would be the ones being screwed with a democratic president and a democratic congress that they so enthusiastically endorsed. The Unions are being fed by all the workers of the state, so they owe it to them to make sure all the jobs are saved, that they pay raises negotiated in the contracts are paid, and all is balanced as it should.

29 Apr
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May Monthly Social

Title: May Monthly Social
Location: Red Sky Rooftop-47 East 29th St b/w Park and Madison Ave
Link out: Click here
Description: Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with the NYYRC, a few Margaritas and the Rooftop at Red Sky

Red Sky- Rooftop, 47 East 29th St b/w Park and Madison Ave
Drink Specials: $3 Bud/Bud Light drafts, $4 Cosmos and apple martini’s, $5 Margaritas

Free Event, Private Rooftop, Appetizers, Cash Bar and Drink Specials! Invite Your Friends to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!
Must RSVP:

Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2010-05-05
End Time: 22:00

29 Apr
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As We Go Marching

This has not been a very good year for freedom, self-rule, or prosperity.

Take Congress and the President.  Both are eagerly dismantling American exceptionalism, while singing songs of a healthier population, a greener environment, and a more responsible financial sector.

Regrettably, and unerringly, there will be less actual health care, several orders more waste, and the relatively few corrupt financiers who are successfully routed will be replaced by corrupt politicians (excuse my tautology).  Reference?  Obamacare, Cap and Trade, and the new Financial Regulation bill.  Yup, we’re only 1 horseman short (although I’m sure he’s mounting now, likely somewhere in Iran).

Even as the Great Recession drags on and on and the Fed keeps rates nonsensically low, our contemptible overlords have really implemented novel laws and regulations whose scope reaches that of a “New” New Deal.  Apparently it not once crossed the minds of these enthusiastic, cloistered busybodies that the old New Deal coincided with the Great Depression, and it was only the conscription of all men of age (as well as many civilian women) that finally dented unemployment.  The original American economic experiment was a failure, no doubt contributing significantly to the causes of World War II.  But hey, as ballerina Rahm says, never let a good crisis go to waste.

So expect more demonizing of the private sector by Obama & Co;  the health insurance industry, the banks and brokerage houses (particularly the hated scapegoat for this depression, Goldman Sachs), the oil and coal industries,
greedy small business who don’t offer health insurance to employees, etc.  Instead, we’ll soon all be blessed by government monopolies that dictate our health coverage, financial transactions and investment, and power consumption.

Don’t be sad; they’ve done a terrific job with the skoolz.

It’s heartening to see Americans joining the Tea Party.  If it is successful and does indeed roll back government substantially, this movement will be in the textbooks.  And some future historian will comment cleverly on the first black president, a product of the (racial) civil rights movement, who worked to assiduously to undermine, slander, discredit, and smear the spontaneous (economic) civil rights movement organized in opposition to him.

24 Apr
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If you want something done right…

…you have to do it yourself. Is that the message Arizona has sent to the federal government with this new law attempting to eliminate illegal immigration? Despite all the things the government is so feverishly working on and trying to change, there seems a growing number of folks/states that still feel the need to take matters into their own hands.

But as I think on this I cannot help but digress to the wonder of what can be done about people who are legally in this country but yet are not making any meaningful contribution to it? I mean those who are sitting around collecting unemployment, foodstamps, free cell phones (which apparently now has become a right), and not making any effort to better themselves. Can a similar law be proposed to identify and weed out these? It can certainly be argued that laziness drives up the national debt, creates the need for endless entitlement programs, and will never result in a balanced budget.

22 Apr
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Brumberg for Congress Kick-Off Party

Ryan Brumberg is running for Congress in NY’s 14th district.  He is an outstanding candidate who understands the need to reverse Washington’s out-of-control spending, and enact smart, responsible policies that will aid our economy.

On April 29th, 2010, Mr. Brumberg will be hosting a campaign kick-off party.

This will be a great event to meet Mr. Brumberg, ask him questions, network with other young professionals, and have a few drinks with friends.  The details of the event are below.  Hope to see you there!

Where: Foundation Lounge, 137 Essex Street between Rivington and Stanton

When: Thursday April 29th, 2010. 7-9:30 pm

What YOU get: Young Professionals receive a one hour OPEN BAR from 7-8pm and drink specials until 9:30 pm! All other donation levels receive a two hour open bar!

Young Professionals: $25.00
Suggested Donation: $60.00
Silver Sponsor: $250.00
Gold Sponsor: $500.00
Platinum Sponsor: $1000.00
Lifetime Member: $4800.00

RSVP: You can RSVP and make your donation online by visiting:,

via Facebook at:

or by emailing You may pay online or at the door.

You can view the space at:

Note: The opinions expressed herein are the opinion of the author and not the New York Young Republican Club.  The New York Young Republican Club does not endorse candidates pre-primary.

20 Apr
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Find Corner, Start Painting

From MarketWatch:

PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. (MarketWatch) — The recent run up in bond yields is telling us that the era of low interest rates is drawing to a close.

It is also likely that the Fed will maintain this rate until it is certain that the nascent upturn has morphed into a full-fledged recovery and is unlikely to turn down again, creating a double-dip recession.

It may be true that the Federal Reserve is keeping short-term rates at historic lows. The key overnight federal funds rate has remained at or close to zero since the end of 2008.

The story concludes, “If they cause a double-dip, rates won’t rise a lot. If the economy can withstand higher rates now, it will likely take a dive later on.”

Thanks for that heads up, Irwin Kellner.  But for those who weren’t transfixed by the lure of massive government money printing and intervention the first time around, this is hardly news.  When you paper over “toxic” debt, which is a reflection of real resource misallocation, you simply delay the inevitable.  The Fed has painted itself into a corner.

The problem is,  very few people understand this today.  The Keynesian system is supposed to prevent painful readjustment periods, deflation and inflation (which in the common parlance of modern economics refers to price fluctuation, not money supply; the manipulation of the money supply, of course, being their most effective “tool” to stimulate an economy), and unemployment.  That’s the official line, and the ethos of the Fed, government planning bureaus, Stimulus proponents, and the entire concept of a “managed economy.”

Regrettably, when that double dip recession finally hits, most unsophisticated observers (say 76% of everyday citizens … 100% minus 24% who support the Tea Party … including the vast majority of professionals and Ph.D.s in most fields, and roughly 99% of Ph.D. economists) will BLAME THE FREE MARKET.

People may find it surprising that the logic of popular economic intervention was explained in a brief monograph written in German in 1929 by Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises.  It’s English translation, A Critique of Interventionism, can be downloaded for free here.

The overarching theme of Mises’ thesis is that because the ultimate valuation of economic goods is subjective, no substitution of preference (i.e., the redirection of resources by a small clique of government planners) can ever allocate resources more efficiently than the free market and its millions (worldwide, billions) of actors.  Each subsequent intervention leads to a new problem, and so the policy-makers are left in a sort of economic whack-a-mole.  They must either recognize their strategy as futile, or move inevitably towards a fully socialist (i.e., command and control) economy.

F.A. Hayek took this observation of Mises out of the strictly economic realm, and furthered the critique to politics.  In The Road to Serfdom, Hayek argued that socialism (i.e., command and control economy) logically necessitates the full control over the human being; for if the people refuse to follow the planners’ contrivances, there can be no control, and hence no effective way to meet the economic “challenges” faced by policy makers.

This alleged shortcoming of interventionism, i.e., the inability to fully control a population, is therefore natural human liberty.  It is also, happily, the proper economic policy to address economic depression.

17 Apr
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I Deserve A Vote! Tell Governor Paterson To Schedule A Special Election!

I Deserve A Vote! Tell Governor Paterson To Schedule A Special Election!

Congressman Eric Massa resigned weeks ago and Governor Paterson has refused to meet his legal requirement to schedule a special election. Why? Because he isn’t confident that he can get one of his cronies elected. Due to the Governor’s delay, we had no vote on the health care take-over and we won’t have any vote on the important issues coming up in 2010.

Please sign the petition today asking Governor Paterson to schedule a special election!

17 Apr
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Tea Party Supporters at 24%

Of the nation, that is.  That’s right – the spontaneous grassroots protest movement now includes 1/4 people.  A little hard to label one-quarter of the population racist anti-government extremists, isn’t it?

As the movement grows, President Obama continues his arrogant and insulting dismissal of all political opponents.  In the Christian Science Monitor:

…President Obama has taken on tea party protesters, saying he’s “amused” by their failure to see that the average American’s tax burden has lessened under his stewardship.

“You would think they’d be saying thank you, that’s what you’d think” the President said

It’s clear that he sees himself as a great savior of the American people, a great liberator.  This is delusional yet explains his sympathy with Latin America’s dictatorial regimes.  However, as an American president and apparently a savvy politician, dissing 24% of the population doesn’t seem too bright.  So long as it’s less than 50%, I suppose…

15 Apr
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Jobless Claims… Rise Expectedly

From MarketWatch:

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — The number of people applying for unemployment benefits jumped 24,000 in the latest week, U.S. data showed Thursday, but the increase appeared to stem largely from the Easter holiday and other factors that distorted the data.

Initial claims shot up to a seasonally adjusted 484,000 in the week ended April 10, the Labor Department said….

Claims have unexpectedly risen two straight weeks, but a Labor official said the Easter holiday and a special holiday in California, the nation’s largest state, disrupted collection of jobless data.

The same old, trodden lines again and again…

This was “unexpected,” and there are many reasons to explain it… this time, it’s not “the weather,” but Easter.  Yes that’s right, the Christian holiday of Easter now contributes to joblessness now.  This must be the work of the same fools who labeled a 12 man freak show from a trailer park a “Christian Militia.”

Let me repeat – it’s not the weather, it’s not the holidays, it’s not some mysterious force from without, and it is MOST ABSOLUTELY NOT UNEXPECTED.  The continued erosion of American prosperity is a direct result of the policies put into law by Obama, Pelosi, and Reid.

Throw the bums out!

15 Apr
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Honest Reporting, Someone?

It’s no secret that the mainstream media hate the Tea Party.  After ignoring them for months, the MSM decided to depict the partiers as country rubes.  Recent polls have exploded this line of attack, so the MSM has decided to take up a new trope – that they’re very dangerous.

It is this alleged aspect of the Tea Party the Christian Science Monitor reports on this morning:

In towns large and small on Thursday, which is tax day, tea partyers are planning to march against big government – and the rhetoric is getting heated as counterdemonstrators mobilize. Some agents provocateurs say they’ll crash the tea parties, and the threat of fisticuffs and worse is hanging in the air.

Both sides have been fueled by the Internet’s churning of partisan, even extreme, politics. One commenter, a tea-party supporter, recently warned of a looming “low-grade civil war.”

The entire story is paranoid and suggestive that the Tea Party is going to spread riotous anarchy.

Very large scale civil rights protests that involve millions of people have often been sprinkled with impolitic and violent acts (think the ’60’s).  With this in mind, it is surprising how PEACEFUL and RESPECTFUL the whole Tea Party has been.  In spite of smear attempts and half truths from the MSM and select liberal politicians, the folks who are protesting out- of-control/out-of-touch gov’t have been remarkably civilized; as the CSM reports, “The only real incident of note at last year’s ‘tea party’ rallies on tax day, April 15, came when a passionate protester tossed a box of tea bags over the White House fence.”

But what goes unsaid here is deafening.  The MSM does not do any in-depth reporting on the issues that spurred the Tea Party.  They continue to cheerlead for Obama & Co., Pelosi, and Reid.  The economy gets progressively worse due to the very spending that the Tea Partiers are protesting, and the media remain silent, other than the occaasional slander.

MSM: You completely failed to expose Obama during the campaign season.  For this, you’re already distrusted by a growing number of Americans.  Would you drop the attacks on the very people who are trying to save the country that you sold out when you ceased to be responsible observers of this free republic?

P.S.  From the story:

In North Carolina, a new state regulation bans flags and signs from being carried on poles. This means that tax protesters can wave objects only as big as the flags handed out at a Fourth of July parade. According to state officials, the rule was put into place last September to prevent ralliers from inadvertently injuring one another.

Doe this not seem a little absurd?  Banning protest signs on poles to “prevent injury” ???  You’d think a civil rights organization like the ACLU would be on this case, maybe?