31 Mar
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This Nonsense about Weather

No, not “global warming” err, “global climate change.”  I’m talking about the apologetic media intent on excusing Obama & Co. from creating a 20% underemployment rate.  The recent hottest excuse is that this winter’s inclement weather has chilled our job recovery.

Recent ADP data for March revealed that the private sector

shed 23,000 jobs in March, according to the ADP employment report released Wednesday. The report comes two days before the Labor Department reports on nonfarm payroll growth for March. The decline in ADP employment was a surprise. Economists had forecast a gain of 40,000 in March ADP. Economists are also expecting a sizable jump in nonfarm payroll in March…  Joel Prakken, chairman of Macroeconomic Advisers LLC that prepares the ADP report said nonfarm payroll could still jump in March if there is a reversal of the depressed hiring from the winter weather in February and from hiring of census workers. The ADP report does not capture changes in the weather. [emphasis added]

First of all, if I recall correctly, Obama was going to make the oceans recede.  Why can’t he stop a few blizzards and rainstorms?  Second, when will these phony economists stop predicting job gains and just accept the fact that we’re only adding to the losses?  It must be six months now that I’ve been reading about their failed predictions on the labor front.

But seriously, when you:

  1. crowd out private sector investment through enormous borrowing/spending
  2. increase red tape by regulating every aspect of the financial industry, seizing the banking and insurance sectors
  3. dictate the terms of pay, make constant threats at businesses who dare to reward their employees above Obama’s decreed acceptable compensation limits
  4. rewrite the laws of consumer credit after vilifying credit card companies
  5. refuse to let the housing sector deflate from a $2 trillion inflationary bubble
  6. double the monetary base
  7. don’t allow runs on the banks, which would cleanse the bad loans and restore lending discipline
  8. continually issue ominous statements suggesting that the U.S. government is going to tax and cap CO2 emissions
  9. ram through sweeping changes for health insurance
  10. expropriate the student loan business
  11. add to the federal debt to a dangerous extent
  12. and furthermore suggest that the gargantuan federal debt can only be addressed by a VAT tax

you should not be surprised when your country’s labor force suffers.

It’s not the weather!!!  It’s this disastrous and destructive administration and Congress.  Throw the bums out!!!!!

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