24 Mar
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Spectacular Impertinence

One of America’s most destructive legislators is working to enact new banking legislation.

Barney Frank (D-MA) is the Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, and has a long, documented history in contributing mightily to the nation’s recent economic collapse.  He is otherwise known for sounding like Daffy Duck and acting like Goofy.

This incredibly arrogant, stupid, and partisan little man has the unbelievable gumption to suggest that

“I believe we will get a very good bill out of here… This is now the number one issue that the American public is going to be focusing on and in every single issue in contention, I believe we [Democrats] benefit.”

Frank, loathsome as he is, is in a legal, elected position to influence the law of the land.  Call me crazy, but what are the chances that the  same man who said “[Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac] …are not facing any kind of financial crisis” is now crafting a workable piece of legislation?  (Keep in mind that these two GSEs are still billions in the hole, after trillions of dollars in government housing support.)

The MSM can’t seem to hate the Tea Partiers enough.  You see, they’re all zealots; crazed rubes who are acting foolishly on their unenlightened, parochial fears.  Yet the MSM remain largely silent as a veteran lawmaker – who bears nearly unparalleled responsibility for the collapse of the economy – draws up more and more rules for the financial industry.

If Scott Brown can win in Massachusetts, surely there is another we can find to replace the Mephistophelian imp known as Barney Frank.

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