22 Mar
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Now Bank “Reform” ??

From MarketWatch:

A Senate panel on Monday approved sweeping bank reform legislation to re-write the rule for capitalism without any Republican support, after GOP lawmakers on the committee decided not to include any amendments to the measure. Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., the chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, had senators vote on the underlying 1,336 page bill, without any Democratic amendments. The bill was passed with a 13-10 party-line vote.

Why do I feel as though I’m on an alternate planet all of a sudden?  The day after ruining the nation’s healthcare for future generations, our brilliant Congressional Democrat overlords have now rewritten the rules for banks.  The bill is 1,336 pages long, so who even knows what’s in it.

Yup, this is punishment guys.  We’re being punished by our legislators.  Throw the bums out EN MASSE and repeal, unless you like it.

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