22 Mar
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Healthcare Sham(e)

Yes, it looks like the Democrats have doubled down, and will do their best to ruin the country.  Here it is, from the “paper of record”:

Obama Hails Vote on Health Care as Answering ‘the Call of History’

And how do we know this is a sham?  How do we know it won’t truly lower costs?  How do we know that the only way Obama got this monstrosity through Congress was by bribes – bribes not only to his Democrat constituents in Congress but to the private sector?

Healthcare stocks are UP today.

In other words, the companies will be making more money.  Lower costs, ahem?  No, what this translates into is a subsidy for healthcare companies through compulsory taxation.  In other words, public insurance.

Congratulations Democrats.  You’ve raised the cost of healthcare, once again.

2012.  Good God!  Get this man, Pelosi, and Reid out of office!

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