20 Oct
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Feigned Confusion!? Give me a break!

It seems we are approaching a new paradigm for liberal reporting on our president.  After completely dropping the ball throughout the election season, failing as they did to report the extent of his associations with anti-Semite, racist Reverend Jeremiah Wright, domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, Israel-bashing Rashid Khalidi, communist Frank Marshall Davis, and the entire Chicago political underground, the media seem stupefied that their candidate is not all he was cracked up to be.

Now pervading news reports is a bizarre perception that he is an unknown quantity.  Richard Cohen, writing in the Washington Post today, claims “He doesn’t go way back with the unions — he doesn’t go way back with anything — and the Jews are having second thoughts.”  Well, hold on.  He goes back with plenty of unpalatable characters (see above) and movements, including a stint teaching community organizing according to the testament of communist Saul Alinksy.

This change in tone, from sycophantic to allegedly disoriented, is completely understandable.  To be perfectly frank with their readers/viewers only after the election would ruin all credibility that these dying media dinosaurs still retain.  Although I wouldn’t quite say that their self-interest excuses them.  Alarmingly, the now-president’s Marxist roots are still not reported in the mainstream press.  We are stuck with this ill-considered, amateur statesman/professional radical for president for at least 3+ more years.  Attention press! Please let his real personality be known!

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