26 Oct
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2 Wars, Depression, and Golf

Playing a respectable game of golf is often thought of as a good business asset.  Deals get made on the green, and progress is realized.  This time-tested combination of sport and selling is clearly why our wise president has now been golfing as many times than his predecessor (the evil Bush; in case you forgot, President Obama will remind you a few times this week)  in about a third of the time.

Yes, those 24 rounds of golf for Obama took just 9 months, compared to 34 months for Bush.  This is a testament to Obama’s incredible ability to do the work of mere mortals all while improving his pitch and putt.

I’m personally sure his advisers haul out the war maps and economic data on a nifty little customized golf cart (no doubt powered by biofuels and solar energy) that makes the management of two wars and economic crisis a cinch.  Desk work is so overrated, and why tie yourself down when the season is ending so soon!

What?  You can’t imagine completing an honest day’s work while competing on the links?  I shouldn’t think so.  There’s a reason this man was elected: like he told Sen. Reid, he has “a gift.”  I say, truly, he is the One we have been waiting for.

A warning to those who would imitate, even those who manage a modicum of success: golf is not an aerobic sport.  After you get your work done and put away your sticks, be sure to get in a game of basketball for heart health.  (If not, it’ll probably be mandatory soon enough, anyway.)

All you office drones, make like O, and get a leg up!

o leg up

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