20 Jul
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Public Opinion Polls Begin To Sour On Obama

Today…President Obama was hit with a triple whammy when it comes to bad polling numbers.

The latest Gallup Poll shows that the President is down to a term-low 56% approval rating, which is down 12 points since early May.  At this point in his presidency, Obama ranks better than just two presidents since World War II in his approval rating.

In the Washington Post/ABC News Poll, only 49% of Americans now agree with the president on health care, the lowest amount during his presidency.  Also, 44% disapprove of the president’s job in office.  However, the most troubling number is pointed out in an article by Dan Balz and Joe Cohen accompanying the poll in the Washington Post. It states that 22% of moderate and conservative Democrats now see Obama as just a “tax and spend” liberal., which is up 18% from March.

This might help explain the latest Rasmussen Poll projections for the 2012 presidential race, which has Romney and Obama both at 45% and Obama beating Palin 48%-42%. It is quite shocking at this point in Obama’s presidency that he is deadlocked with Romney, who failed miserably in the 2008 GOP primary against a weak field.  Also, considering Palin’s high disapproval among many Americans, it’s surprising to see her this close to the president so early on in his term. What’s truly amazing in this poll is that among unaffiliated voters, Romney smokes Obama 48% to 41%.

These three polls prove quite alarming for President Obama and show him to be weakening heading into the 3rd quarter of 2009.  There is still plenty of time to the midterm elections, but right now is the critical point in the first two years of the Obama presidency.

If he can’t convince the American people to support his health care plan, then it leaves the door wide open for Republicans.  Blue Dog Democrats see these polls as well and are terrified to latch themselves on to the president’s massive spending health care proposal.   Especially with the way in which conservative Democrats use the dreaded “liberal” term to identify Obama’s policies.  If the president suffers an embarrassing defeat on health care, it may cost him Congress in two years.  President Obama must decide if wants to pass health care with only Democrats supporting the measure, and therefore risk losing political power heading into his re-election campaign.

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