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1 Jul
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Event Details:
Location: Times Square (enter at 37th Street & 7th Avenue)
Date: July 1st
Time: 6:30-8pm

Confirmed Speakers:

· Stephen Baldwin Actor, Author, Activist

· Andrew Wilkow Sirius/XM Radio Personality

· KT McFarland National Security Expert, Columnist, Commentator

· Herbert London President of the Hudson Institute

· Margaret Hoover Political & Media Commentator –

· Kevin McCullough

· Nick Rizzuto Radio Producer

· Thomas J. Basile Commentator, Strategist, Speaker, Professor –

· Kellen Giuda Tea Party 365 Co-Founder

· David Webb Tea Party 365 Co-Founder, Commentator, Radio Personality

Check out the Heritage Foundation Tea Party Talking Points to prep yourself for tonights event

1 Jul
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Can Someone Grab Senator Padavan a Coffee?

The New York State Senate debacle has ensued for three weeks and with no end in sight, New Yorkers are just left shaking their heads.  Feelings for the drivel that those in Albany seem to be spewing ranges from fear to utter contempt. The fear stems from the uncertain future of New York City’s Mayoral control over public schools and some constituents feel contempt for those that are paid to represent us in Albany, but seem to be choosing not to.
The latest calamity at the Capitol involves a Republican Senator and an ill-timed caffeine fix.  Frank Padavan, Senator from Queens, decided to venture out into the unknown, with the goal of grabbing a cup of coffee.  His plan was to take a shortcut through Chambers into the Member’s Lounge.  That brief miscalculation was all the Democrats needed to call quorum, where a minimum of 32 members is needed to pass legislation.
This detour has Democrats and Republicans at each other’s throats again with terms like “fraudulent” and “arrogant” being tossed out, like empty cups of coffee.  The legal battles that have brought the Senate to a halt will have one more round in the never-ending battle to control the most dysfunctional state government in the nation.