29 Jul
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A thought on the birth certificate “controversy.”

The Democrats want birth certificate madness to continue so that they can paint the entire Right-wing and anyone else who doesn’t fall into line behind Obama’s edicts with the same brush as these screeching lunatics. At the same time since the media covers this farce they have a pretext to claim that they give Conservatives fair coverage and an opportunity to express our views despite the fact that they intentionally choose to focus their attention on a self-evidently idiotic non-issue from the most irrelevant, twisted fringe of American politics.

Barack Obama has earned our disdain on his own merits, we don’t have to conjure fantasies of forged birth certificates and an infant smuggled into Hawaii from Kenya or Indonesia to rally support for our cause; Obama, Pelosi, Waxman and Reid are doing that for us.

The worst mistake we can make is to provide them a symbolic distraction from the issues. Displaying the same kind of pathological mass-derangement regarding the Bush Administration that has infected the Left for the past seven years on a moronic conspiracy theory dredged from the same swamps as the “9/11 truthers” is doing exactly that.

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