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30 Jun
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Petitioning – Campaign Night

Location: 122 East 83rd Street (btw Lex and Park), second floor
Time: 6-9 pm
Food and drink will be provided.

Please join the NYYRC for our second Campaign Night of 2009, tonight from 6-9 pm. Candidates and district leaders will bring their petitions and voter lists, and we need volunteers to make calls and collect signatures on petitions. We need “callers” and “runners.” Food and drink will be provided.

Campaign nights will occur each Tuesday through petition season – June 30, and Tuesday, July 7. There might also be campaign nights on Thursdays. At each campaign night, we will petition for Public Advocate candidate Alex Zablocki, Comptroller candidate Joe Mendola, and other local candidates, such as Neal D’Alessio, candidate for the 4th City Council District.

If you have any questions, or want to help petition, contact Campaign Chair Matthew Hindin, at See you Tuesday night!

30 Jun
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Republicans: The Way To Succeed In Identity Politics

In a column posted on Pajamas Media, John Hawkins makes the case that in order for Republicans to be successful, they need to embrace identity politics.

He believes that Republicans need to reach out to minority groups like Hispanics, African Americans, and Women by gaining representation in their groups, such as the NAACP and the National Organization for Women (NOW).  Hawkins thinks that if the Republican Party offers these organizations money and resources, then it will give conservatives a seat at the table and a chance to share their ideas with more minorities.  Unfortunately, I don’t believe this will be the case.

Conservatives should not pander to minority organizations who deem to have the best intentions of their members, though at times seem like they are just a mouthpiece for the Democratic Party, but rather appeal to American families.

It is important that Republicans find innovative ways to get their message out to groups like African Americans and Latinos who have traditionally voted Democratic.  If a minority is thinking about voting Republican, they are not as interested in what’s best for their “collective” minority group as much as they seeking policies that will allow their family grow and achieve greater prosperity .

That’s the American Dream.  Republicans don’t need to cater to minority groups who are more interested in pushing an agenda, then looking out for the individual needs of its people. Rather, the GOP must find a way to teach conservative beliefs and principles in a way that allows people from all backgrounds to understand its central truths.

Conservatism is a product that doesn’t needs to be changed, but just  sold better. Republicans are too worried about the details of individual policies such as gay marriage, a strong national defense, and abortion, rather then explaining in broad terms who they are as a party.  They must realize that minorities don’t vote for Republicans, because they allow Democrats and their opponents in the media to frame them in a way that is inaccurate and demeaning.

Republicans should speak to minorites about how creating a competitive environment for services, such as health care, drives down the price for those services and allows more people to be able to afford them.  They should show how being tough on crime will protect their communities and families from corrupting forces who look to destroy them, and how it will limit the number of people in their community who end up dead or in jail.  Republicans should demonstrate to minorites how the public school system is being hijacked by government and union officials who care more about protecting incompetent teachers then in teaching their kids.  Lastly, Republicans must center their economic policies in minority communities around families who take full responsibility in raising their children.  They must come down hard on “deadbeat” fathers who walk out on their responsiblities and don’t pay child support.  It is appalling that so many single and divorced mothers today are forced to raise their children without any support of a father.  It is one of the greatest tragedies of modern American society and the GOP must be at the forefront in fighting for policies that limit the fracturing of families.

24 Jun
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Timid and Passive

This is truly an embarrassment.  The response and near silence of the Obama administration towards the events in Iran over the past several days is shameful.  Our concern with the “tenor and tone” of Mullah Khamenei’s threats laying the responsibility of the “bloodshed and chaos” on protesters was an invitation for the regime to exert it’s muscle against the confrontation to tyranny.  And now we are “appalled and outraged by the threats, the beatings and imprisonments” on those who seek freedom and democracy despite the administrations public declaration of Iran’s sovereignty and their pursuit of a Mid-East policy with words and a limp hand.

This is one crisis we cannot afford to waste.  If the United States does not stand firmly resolute with the Iranian people, as we did with the Lebanese in 2005 and with the Iraqi’s during past years, then who will?  If we become too concerned in walking on a diplomatic tight rope with an enemy, then what leadership do we provide?  Moments ripe for revolution come to so few throughout the corse of human history.  Iran has been blessed with such a moment and we must bear with it’s people.  Let us speak and so do as men and women that are to be judged by the liberty we have inherited.

20 Jun
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GOP Internecine Battles

It isn’t much of an exaggeration to say that in the months following Obama’s election and inauguration the Republican party leadership and punditry have been in disarray.  Conservatives have realized what they feared most and tried to vocalize during the campaign: Obama’s radicalism is not standard-fare Democrat politics.  The speed and aggression with which the administration and Congress have moved to transform our society are unprecedented in modern times, perhaps not since the New Deal.  This has made the Republican search (fight?) for identity particularly spirited.

Following the nature of things, the party is having an internal debate on which direction to take.  There are two, arguably three, camps in this debate.  The traditional (Reagan,  Buckley, Goldwater, talk radio et cetera) Conservatives form the first camp.  They have not had a significant leader since Newt and are eager to return to a party of limited government, personal responsibility, and winning landslides.   Having rejected all attempts to “moderate” during the campaign season and thus portraying the Obama we now know back then , the vindicated Conservatives hold a strong hand.  (They also hold the #1 NY Times bestseller for the last 11 of 12 weeks! )

The second camp might be described as the Colin Powell, John McCain, David Brooks Republicans for lack of a -not better – name.  They consider themselves conservative, but are not looked on kindly by movement conservatives.  They are more “moderate;” this “moderate” word means, in their context, anything from eschewing most social values from the party, to increasing spending on education, healthcare, and other public programs, to only nationalizing part of the nation’s economy, to accepting immigration amnesty for tens of millions.  Most were soft on Obama in the campaign season, with Powell even voting for Obama.  They are a mostly unorganized group and have trouble presenting a platform that differs from their Democrat opponents’.  In between bashing talk radio and praising Obama for taking the middle ground, this group mostly likes talking to itself.  Their hand isn’t very strong and most will likely fall out of favor rather quickly when the part is unified.  Likely, some will then join the Democrat party out of what will be called personal courage.

The third camp, which is scarcely much larger than your average summer camp, are the libertarians.  They are nearly purists, with an admirable admiration for human liberty.  As a group, they tend to be intellectual in the Enlightenment tradition.  Unfortunately, too much of their liberty borders on license, and your average voter cannot be expected to understand economic reasoning when it is not widely taught in public schools (there is something tragically ironic in that thought).  Libertarians appear to many as focused inordinately on legalizing marijuana and every form of pornography, which does not play well to a country that (until recently anyway) had a healthy view of the nuclear family.  Appealing in message as they can be, they are hopelessly fractured themselves into a thousand mini-camps, each with stubbornly irreconcilable differences.  With the passing of the great Milton Friedman (himself a supporter of the Republican party, as he said, out of convenience), Libertarians lack a celebrity salesman.  Though they won’t win the party, they’ll always be around calling Republicans closer to their roots.

I think it’s reasonable to say that Conservatives will inevitably win this inner party battle and go on to save the country from outright socialism.  Talk radio provides the medium for organization and fund raising, as well as a giant and expanding loyal audience.  I find this heartening.

In the meantime, every Republican should be concerned with these two stories:

17 Jun
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NYYRC June Meeting

Title: NYYRC June Meeting
Location: WNRC 3 W 51st Street b/w 5th and 6th Avenues
Link out: Click here
Description: Wendy Long is legal counsel to the Judicial Confirmation Network. Until March 2005, she was a litigation partner in the New York office of Kirkland & Ellis LLP. Wendy was a law clerk to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and to Judge Ralph Winter of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit i n New York. She is a graduate of Northwestern University School of Law, cum laude and Order of the Coif, where she was articles editor of the Northwestern University Law Review, and of Dartmouth College. She previously served as a press secretary in the U.S. Senate, for former U.S. Senator Bill Armstrong (R-Colo.) and former U.S. Senator Gordon Humphrey (R-N.H.).
Start Time: 7:00PM
Date: 2009-06-19

17 Jun
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Farewell Israel and Obama’s Naive View of the Middle East

I recently rented the documentary film ßFarewell Israel from Netflix. In my opinion it should be required viewing for each and every citizen of the United States, especially Obama voters. So many people, most notably among them Barack Obama, completely misunderstand the underlying reasons for terrorism, Iranian saber rattling, and the Arab-Israeli conflict.

During his campaign for the presidency, Barack Obama stated that Iran does not pose a serious threat to the United States the way the Soviet Union did because it’s tiny in comparison. He also said that we should use our position of strength to listen to Iran and find potential common interests.

This approach is frighteningly naive because it assumes a fanatical religious theocracy that hasn’t quite left the seventh century, holds dear the values of a modern Western democracy, i.e. life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Farewell Israel breaks away from the Western world view to explain the history, ideology, and culture of the Islamic world that has brought us to the conflict we experience today. Once that is understood, it becomes much easier to see why a listen, find common interests, “why can’t we just all get along”, approach will not work. There is simply nothing they (Islamofascists, Muslim terrorists, Iranian Mullahs, Palestinians, etc.) want that the U.S. Israel, or the rest of the Western world can afford to give.

Farewell Israel does a splendid job explaining the above, however at the very end it draws some conclusions that seem a bit lacking. The final conclusion of Farewell Israel is that President Bush played right into the hands of Al-Qaeda, who wanted to ignite a global conflict with the West, by invading Afghanistan and Iraq.

(Before you anti-Bush Obama supporters out there get too excited… Obama would not fare much better because he would invade Afghanistan to chase Bin-Laden remember?)

I would not necessarily dispute that Al-Qaeda wanted the U.S. to provoke the Islamic world, however the documentary does not discuss why a non-reaction, proving once more that the U.S. is a paper tiger, as Bin-Laden once claimed, would be any better.

If you watch the documentary, please come back and express your thoughts in the comments section.

For more on Obama’s view of Iran, please read Obama Thinks Iran is Not a Serious Threat on

16 Jun
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Latest Polls Are Bad News for Obama & Dems

Two polls released today spell  bad news for President Obama and Congressional Democrats and could mean trouble for their political futures

According the Fox News Opinion Dynamics Poll, the American people are beginning to perceive the President as weak on national security.

69% of Americans believe Obama needs to get tougher with North Korea, including a staggering 65% percent of Democrats.  66% believe that he hasn’t been tough on Iran, including nearly 60% of Dems.  This just shows that a lot of Democrats are not in lockstep with the administration or the liberal media.  The mainstream media is exceedingly moving farther and farther to the left and are clearly out of touch with the American people and even those in their own party.  This is why they are hemorrhaging money at stunning pace.  President Obama is heading into dangerous territory politically on foreign policy, and that is the least of his problems with a trillion dollar deficit and high unemployment. Reagan Democrats are usually believe in strong national security and I believe they make up a majority of the Dems who disapprove of the president’s stance in foreign affairs.  These voters could spell trouble for Obama just like they did for Jimmy Carter in 198o, unless he begins to show some backbone to these dictatorial regimes.

Today also was an encouraging day for Republicans, whose leadership is in great need of direction, as the latest Gallup poll  shows that conservatives are the strongest ideological group in America.  In the poll, 40% of Americans identify themselves as conservative with 35% saying they are moderate and 21% saying they are liberal.

This means that all the Republicans need to do to win  is get voters from all those who label themselves as conservatives and win just 11% of moderates.  So they could lose roughly 70%  of moderates and still receive more total votes in  the 2010 midterm elections.  This is stunning!!!  So…the people are our side who are saying we need to abandon the principles of Ronald Reagan are heavily misguided (raise you hand Colin Powell, David Frum, Mike Murphy).

This is even more of a reason why Republicans need to get behind Sarah Palin as the leader of the GOP.  She can definitely win a 11% of moderates with a combination of her personal appeal and Obama’s ineffective governing on several key issues.  There is no doubt in my mind that she is the best person on our side to rally the 40% of Americans who say they are conservative

This is why the media and even late night talk show hosts, such as David Letterman, feel the need to destroy her.  She is a major threat.  Why do you think us “conservatives” were rooting for Hillary to beat Obama in the primary?  Because we were scared Obama could beat us…and he did.  The mainstream media is just as nervous about Palin and that is why they are trying to minimize her.  DONT TAKE THE BAIT.  Let her be the public face of our party in 201o and help other Republicans get elected to Congress.

12 Jun
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Saved or Created: The Real Voodo Economics

Despite a net job loss of over 2 million since the beginning of 2009, President Barack Obama claims that his policies “saved or created” 150,000 jobs. I can’t help but laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh at this. Oh, wait… and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh… and laugh and laugh. Okay, out of respect for those who lost their jobs I have to stop laughing!

Here’s why jobs “saved or created” is shameless rhetoric:

1. There’s no way to count the number of jobs “saved or created” by stimulus spending. The way the Obama administration comes up with the 150,000 figure is to basically assume that x amount of government spending creates a y number of jobs and just declare it so.

2. The second reason is related to something I call the Instant Billionaire Formula™. I claim that with the Instant Billionaire Formula™, anyone can become a billionaire, instantly! Here’s how it works… ready? Okay, write yourself a check for one BILLION dollars! And presto, you’re a billionaire! Of course, what I failed to mention to begin with is that applying the Instant Billionaire Formula™ costs a billion dollars (you just wrote yourself a check, remember?), so overall, your net worth really doesn’t change. But if we just look at the positive side of things, then, wow, yes, you just became a billionaire! Similarly, the government can create any number of jobs by taking money from someone and giving it to someone else for say, digging a ditch and filling it back up. But considering government’s propensity for waste, is there any net gain here? How many jobs are lost due to the stimulus spending, which is money that needs to be somehow taken out of the economy before it’s put back in? How productive are the jobs “saved or created” in relation to the jobs “forsaken or destroyed”? These are questions we must answer before we can claim 150,000 were “saved or created” while the net job loss is in the millions.

I’m sure that if President Bush had tried the “saved or created” trick, he would have been ridiculed to no end.

9 Jun
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Obama to American Exceptionalism: DROP DEAD

President Barack Obama is disliked by conservatives not because he is a liberal or a Democrat, but rather because he stands against the very beliefs we uphold dearly. Bill Clinton was not liked by conservatives and we often didn’t agree with his policy decisions, but at the end of the day we knew he was trying his best to uphold American ideals.

Why Barack Obama is so scary is that he doesn’t want to improve America, but rather remake what it is. Pat Buchanan in today’s syndicated column calls Obama the Anti-Reagan and he is correct.

Reagan took a nation divided by four years of  the failed Carter presidency coming off of Watergate, and lifted its spirit and ingenuity, reviving an American economy that roared for more than two decades.  Obama is taking over a country dejected by a controversial War in Iraq and a struggling economy, but uses language that focuses on America’s sins rather than its triumphs.  He also speaks of an economy that is the worst since the Great Depression.  Presidents are supposed to inspire confidence in its people, not pessimism. America is great when its people believe it can do anything, not when they think its collapsing. It’s only so long that citizens can hear that America is ordinary before they want to get rid of those saying it is so.

Unfortunately…as Rush Limbaugh stated on Monday’s radio program…this could be Obama’s legacy.  The man that told American Exceptionalism to DROP DEAD.  The following excerpt from Rush says it all

Barack Obama inherited greatness in a nation.  He inherited the birthplace of the individual.  He inherited the defender of liberty at home and abroad, the United States of America.  He inherited the opportunity to lead a nation of sheer exceptionalism, a nation of equal opportunity, a nation which featured its citizens the right to fail and to try and try and try again.  He inherited the financial center and capital of the world.  Barack Obama inherited the country that has successfully championed capitalism and widespread prosperity.  He inherited a nation which liberated billions of people who lived in oppression.  He also inherited great responsibility.  He inherited the responsibility to lead this great nation, the world’s lone superpower, a nation oriented toward the good of humanity.  He inherited the responsibility to preserve and strengthen the free markets and economies that made this the greatest nation in the history of human civilization.  He inherited the responsibility to continue the philosophy and the tradition of a country founded on Judeo-Christian morals, ethics, and principles.

And what has he done with this inheritance?  He has run around the world and apologized at every stop he makes for what he considers the sins, the immorality, and the unjust unfairness of the way he perceives the United States of America.  He inherited a country that liberates the oppressed, as I said.  He inherited the greatest economy in history.  He inherited that, nothing more, nothing less, plus the Constitution.  There is nothing to apologize for.  It is childish, it’s babyish, it is immature, it is unbecoming anyone who holds the office of president of the United States to run around crying like a baby while lying about the mess he inherited, because he didn’t inherit a mess.  He inherited years and decades of stewardship from the Oval Office of the greatest nation in history.  In his mind, he inherited a flawed social experiment.  He has now made the mess that is the United States economy.  He is making a mess of United States foreign policy.

9 Jun
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The New York Young Republican Club, Inc. Hosts 97th Annual Dinner Gala

For Immediate Release
Contact: Kristine Nalbone
NYYRC PR Committee

NEW YORK, NY – The New York Young Republican Club (NYYRC) will host their 97th annual alumni dinner gala on Wednesday, June 10, 2009. The event will be held at the prestigious Manhattan Penthouse, located on 80 Fifth Avenue on the 17th floor. The ever-anticipated cocktail hour commences at 6:30 p.m., followed by dinner and the awards reception, which will begin promptly at 7:15 p.m. Cocktail attire should be worn by all who attend.

This year the NYYRC will honor Richard Miniter, who is the recipient of the New York Young Republican Award. In addition, keynote speakers include: Governor Jim Gilmore, John Avlon, and Richard Brownell who is the Master of Ceremonies. Surprise guests, who are always a highlight of the evening, are expected to make an appearance as well. “We expect this year’s dinner to be one of our finest to date, as the lineup is shaping up nicely, and the Republican community of the New York metropolitan area is stronger than we’ve seen in years,” said Lynn Krogh NYYRC President.

The annual dinner is the biggest event the NYYRC holds each year, and in 2009 they are expecting over 150 young professionals and business and community leaders from the New York metropolitan area. To commemorate the dinner, the NYYRC will produce a dinner journal to recognize event sponsors and make their commitments known to the distinguished guests.

On Saturday May 16, 2009 the NYYRC faced-off in a charity kickball game with the MYD, and the NYYRC was victorious. This means that all proceeds raised during that game will be donated to the NYYRC’s chosen charity, which is the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. The NYYRC will be asking for continued donations at the dinner gala for all those interested in helping out with this imperative cause.

In addition, the NYYRC will host a silent auction with prizes such as the CPAC Diamond package, which includes: a ticket to the Presidential Diamond Reception and Banquet, a ticket to the Ronald Reagan Diamond Reception and Banquet, admittance to all three days of the general sessions and the Exhibit Hall, an exclusive pre-CPAC event with conservative leaders on February 17, 2010, an express bypass lanes to enter the main ballroom and book signings, a one-year membership to

The American Conservative Union, and the latest edition of the ACU’s Congressional Ratings Book.

Additional details for the event are as follows:


Inquires: Lynn Krogh/Jennifer Gallacher;

Phone: 917.922.4194;


$250 Per Person/ $300 with Photo Opp $150 Member Rate/ $200 with Photo Opp/ $3000 Per Table

About the NYYRC:
The New York Young Republican Club, Inc., is a not-for-profit political organization that exists to bring Republicans aged 18-40 together to discuss the Republican Party platform and aid the Republican Party in the education of the public about the Republican agenda and the promotion of Republican candidates for office. To find out more about the New York Young Republican Club, Inc. please visit the Website at