22 Apr
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What I Found On Twitter @42109

It’s quite amazing what interesting bites of information you can get while surfing through Twitter. Here is what I found:

Huffington Post: Smiles for Smirks: Sean Penn

There is way too much to refute hear…so let me just list what the Academy Award winner had to say in this short 3 paragraph column:

  • Former President Gerald Ford should have put Richard Nixon in jail.
  • President Obama gained a “strategic advantage by “smiling” at Venezuela dictator Hugo Chavez.
  • Former Vice President Dick Cheney is the only man alive proven wrong on every topic.
  • Limbaugh, Hannity, & O’Reilly are all cowards who hate the principles America was founded on.

Sean Penn is out of touch with America and lives in a fantasy land that is detached from reality. He is a extremely talented actor who makes great movies…but he should stop embarrassing himself with his naive politics.

Huffington Post: Jeanine Garafolo on Racism: Sophia A. Nelson

The Huff Post decides to let one left-wing extremist (Sean Penn) write for them, but then throws another (Jeanine Garafolo) under the bus? However…great point by Nelson who says that Garafolo has no idea about racism, since she never spent a day in “Black America.” Well said. Even lefty Huff Post can see Garafolo’s statements were idiotic, since there was no evidence to back them up.

Spero News: Palin is a Feminist who Feminists love to hate
: Mary Ann Kreitzer

Feminists were upset by the fact that Sarah Palin was able to ascend to governor of Alaska, while being a mother to five children including one with down-syndrome. She was a poster child for why legalized abortion is not the “sole” answer to female independence and their chance for ascesdancy in American society. This is why feminists felt she had to be destroyed. No matter if like Palin as a politician or not, she was unfairly demonized by the mainstream media for holding a positon on an issue that many in our society share.

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