17 Apr
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NYC Tax Day Tea Party: A Strong Movement Begins

Last night at City Hall Park in New York City, people stood up and said that they were willing to fight against government intrusion in their life. They would not let the government get away with reckless spending and irresponsible tax policies.

According to the New York City Police Department, 12,500 people attended the Tax Day Tea Party for one reason…and one reason only. THEY LOVE LIBERTY AND FREEDOM. They don’t need great speeches, stagecraft, or platitudes like “Hope & Change” to come out. Pres. Obama’s appeal was celebrity, but the Tax Day Tea Party’s appeal was issues and people’s love of America.

Below are articles and blog posts covering yesterday’s great event, which the first step in America’s movement toward fiscal sanity.

Parcbench.com: The Power of ‘We The People': Brett Joshpe

Brett gets it absolutely right, stating that no matter what critics says about these tea party’s or the people who attend them, a spark has been lit. Hey…the American Revolution only started with a few people and so did Anti-Vietnam protests. This is the next major revolt against government intrusion in our country. Liberals, Democrats, and the Mainstream Media are terrified that this could lead to a robust opposition that will throw them out of office. What happened last night was the first major moment of a movement that only is going to grow. Richard Nixon decided to resign after finding out he lost support from the South. The same could happen to Democrats in 2010 by losing the Northeast. That’s the goal…and we must all work hard to achieve it.

Other Accounts of the Tea Party:

World Magazine, The New Clarion, Atlas Shrugs, Urban Infidel, Free Republic

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