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30 Apr
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How NOT to Save Chrysler

Plan gives unions majority stake in Chrysler

30 Apr
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What I Found On Twitter: #Specter

The big news in Washington for the past two days have been Sen. Arlen Specter’s defection from the Republican Party for the Democratic Party. “Benedict Arlen” was the ultimate “RINO” who often went against the party line, such as voting for Pres. Obama’s Stimulus Package, which passed in February. Below are some interesting articles on a “defection” that will eventually make the GOP not weaker, but stronger.

New York Times: “We Didn’t Have to Lose Arlen Specter”: Sen. Olympia Snowe

Sen. Snowe states that the GOP needs to get back to being a big tent party like it was under Pres. Ronald Reagan. I couldn’t agree more, but listening to her is not the way to do it. From a Senator who voted for Obama’s “spendulus” package and is pro-choice, she is consistently against the very principles of Reagan conservatism. Ronald Reagan won two landslide elections by “communicating” conservatism to the middle class and “selling” our ideas better than anyone else. Not by pandering to the Dems in Congress. No wonder the NY Times lets her write on their Op-Ed page. I don’t think that newspaper page is concerned in the GOP regaining power in Congress.

Daily Beast: Arlen, You Let Me Down: Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain often makes statements that are controversial, but never fail to make you think about the future of the Republican Party. She is right in saying that we need to let more people feel like they have a place in our party, but that is not by being “Dem-light,” which she sometimes professes. I would love the GOP to attract more of the youth, hispanic, gay, and african-american vote, but not by pandering to them. We must treat everyone as an individual and not as a member of a group, since Republicans care about every single person being able to enjoy freedom and liberty, regardless of their demographic. We must not exclude anyone from hearing our ideas and principles. We will need people from all walks of life in order to regain influence and power in Washington

Power Line: What the Specter Switch Means: Sen. John Cornyn

Sen. Cornyn makes a great point: if Al Franken is confirmed as Senator in Minnesota then the Dems have filibuster proof 60 votes…so anything that goes wrong until November 2010 is on their watch. President Obama is taking the country very far left in his economic policies and eventually it will come back to hurt the Democrats. I expect the big blow to come not in 201o…but 2012…when Dems will have controlled government for 4 years and people will be looking for “change.”

29 Apr
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The Torturous Torture Debate

Gallup released a new poll regarding opinions on torture. The results are pretty interesting.

According to Gallup, 51 percent of all Americans want to see a further investigation into our use or supposed use of torture against terror suspects. But only 40 percent of those “following story very closely” favor an investigation.

Further, 55 percent of all Americans, according to Gallup, feel the use of “harsh interrogation techniques” was justified. 61 percent of those “following story very closely” felt such methods were justified.

The hay being made by the liberals and their media robots is amazing. Think about it. The enemy is out there making You Tube videos of themselves in ski masks cutting peoples’ heads off. Over here, we’re prepared to string up our nation’s entire intelligence apparatus because a handful of scumbags had to involuntarily bob for apples.

We had better get wise to the true nature of the world we are living in, or we will truly be dealt a blow that we won’t easily walk away from.

28 Apr
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Of Switching Parties and Ditching Voters

Sen. Arlen Specter’s name has been synonymous with RINO for as long as I can remember, so when I heard today that he was finally making the switch to the Donkey Party, I wasn’t surprised. In fact, I bid him good riddance. The Republican Party’s got enough troubles without having wafflers in its ranks.

Why’d he do it now? Because his chances of winning a Republican primary against Pat Toomey were dwindling by the week. And it’s speculated that he won’t have any problem being reelected as a Donkey.

So there’s your pragmatism. But where’s the responsibility to the people who voted for him? Frankly, all that loyalty to the voter malarky is secondary to incumbency. Of course, Specter himself didn’t believe that when Jim Jeffords switched parties in 2001.

Chalk another one up for the DC hypocrites.

27 Apr
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Obama + Low Flying Plane + NYC = Photo Op? Try Panic

So our President decided to conduct a photo op today…. with low-flying planes and our beloved Manhattan skyline.

The Result: PANIC

I think New Yorkers are a little sensitive (rightfully so) when it comes to planes and our skyline.

Shouldn’t we have gotten SOME sort of warning? I mean really… REALLY! Just let NY1 know for Pete’s sake.

I can only assume he was looking for a first-hand account of how our economy is doing…

AP Article

22 Apr
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What I Found On Twitter @42109

It’s quite amazing what interesting bites of information you can get while surfing through Twitter. Here is what I found:

Huffington Post: Smiles for Smirks: Sean Penn

There is way too much to refute hear…so let me just list what the Academy Award winner had to say in this short 3 paragraph column:

  • Former President Gerald Ford should have put Richard Nixon in jail.
  • President Obama gained a “strategic advantage by “smiling” at Venezuela dictator Hugo Chavez.
  • Former Vice President Dick Cheney is the only man alive proven wrong on every topic.
  • Limbaugh, Hannity, & O’Reilly are all cowards who hate the principles America was founded on.

Sean Penn is out of touch with America and lives in a fantasy land that is detached from reality. He is a extremely talented actor who makes great movies…but he should stop embarrassing himself with his naive politics.

Huffington Post: Jeanine Garafolo on Racism: Sophia A. Nelson

The Huff Post decides to let one left-wing extremist (Sean Penn) write for them, but then throws another (Jeanine Garafolo) under the bus? However…great point by Nelson who says that Garafolo has no idea about racism, since she never spent a day in “Black America.” Well said. Even lefty Huff Post can see Garafolo’s statements were idiotic, since there was no evidence to back them up.

Spero News: Palin is a Feminist who Feminists love to hate
: Mary Ann Kreitzer

Feminists were upset by the fact that Sarah Palin was able to ascend to governor of Alaska, while being a mother to five children including one with down-syndrome. She was a poster child for why legalized abortion is not the “sole” answer to female independence and their chance for ascesdancy in American society. This is why feminists felt she had to be destroyed. No matter if like Palin as a politician or not, she was unfairly demonized by the mainstream media for holding a positon on an issue that many in our society share.

21 Apr
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Janeane Garafalo Thinks Teapartyers are Racists

Wow. If she could please explain the link between protesting tax-and-spend policies and racism, it might help me understand exactly what on earth she is talking about. Isn’t it ironic that someone who bases her entire political philosophy on progressive, tolerant ideals can be so intolerant and small-minded towards people who just think their government is too big?

Read an article about it here:

17 Apr
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NYC Tax Day Tea Party: A Strong Movement Begins

Last night at City Hall Park in New York City, people stood up and said that they were willing to fight against government intrusion in their life. They would not let the government get away with reckless spending and irresponsible tax policies.

According to the New York City Police Department, 12,500 people attended the Tax Day Tea Party for one reason…and one reason only. THEY LOVE LIBERTY AND FREEDOM. They don’t need great speeches, stagecraft, or platitudes like “Hope & Change” to come out. Pres. Obama’s appeal was celebrity, but the Tax Day Tea Party’s appeal was issues and people’s love of America.

Below are articles and blog posts covering yesterday’s great event, which the first step in America’s movement toward fiscal sanity. The Power of ‘We The People': Brett Joshpe

Brett gets it absolutely right, stating that no matter what critics says about these tea party’s or the people who attend them, a spark has been lit. Hey…the American Revolution only started with a few people and so did Anti-Vietnam protests. This is the next major revolt against government intrusion in our country. Liberals, Democrats, and the Mainstream Media are terrified that this could lead to a robust opposition that will throw them out of office. What happened last night was the first major moment of a movement that only is going to grow. Richard Nixon decided to resign after finding out he lost support from the South. The same could happen to Democrats in 2010 by losing the Northeast. That’s the goal…and we must all work hard to achieve it.

Other Accounts of the Tea Party:

World Magazine, The New Clarion, Atlas Shrugs, Urban Infidel, Free Republic

16 Apr
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Early Coverage of Tax Day Tea Parties

Today was a great day to be an American as people everywhere in this country stood up to big government, reckless spending, and high taxes…and said enough is enough.

New York Times: Tax Day Is Met With Tea Parties

The “Grey Lady” gives a liberal slant to today’s Tea Parties focusing more on the speeches by politicians, then the atmosphere of the events. No comments from people who attended the tea parties in the article. Also…they highlighted that only 200 people showed up in a very rainy Philadelphia, rather than the massive turnouts in New York City, Atlanta, and Sacramento. The Mainstream Media just doesn’t understand this movement….or just is scared to report on it truthfully.

Washington Times: Tax Demonstrators Teed Off

The article handles the tea parties accurately by explaining how the parties were a collaboration of grassroots anger and non-profit groups like “Freedom Works” looking to provide assistance. Also it mentions that the DC Tea Party had 1,000 people show up in the pouring rain.

Fox News: Thousands of Anti-Tax ‘Tea Party’ Protesters Turn Out In U.S. Cities

A summary of tea parties from around the country giving examples of signs seen at these events. My Favorite: Barney Frank, Bernie Madoff: And the Difference Is?

Fox Forum: Tea Parties-Mission Accomplished

Peter Roff makes a great point in this piece by saying that the tea parties are not represented by right wing lobbyists or radical extremists, such as white supremacists, but rather ordinary, middle class Americans who are angry at having to pay significantly more in taxes each year. So true.

Michelle Malkin: Massive Tax Day Tea Party

Great job by Michelle who aggregates comments and pictures from tea parties across the country. There was even a reenactment of the original 1773 Boston Tea Party in Sioux Falls, SD.