29 Mar
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Shrink This Budget!

The spending thus far in the Obama administration has been nothing short of fantastic in size – a $787 billion worth of “stimulus” and a $410 omnibus spending bill, $1.1 trillion of “toxic asset” purchases by the Federal Reserve, and more. On the heels of a Bush administration that had already spent $700 billion of its own on “stimulus” and a host of other programs related to financial “recovery,” total outlays of government spending related to the recession hovers around $9 trillion.

Next up is the president’s budget. At $3.55 trillion it is a whopper! Up $650 from 2008 and remarkable in that it represents a return of Carter era-like big government. More than a few have noted that it puts the United States under a modern European government. For champions of limited government it is a danger for this reason alone, but there lies a more urgent reason as well.

We Republicans MUST be as vocal as possible about the danger this budget poses to future prosperity and the United States’ prominence in the world. The spending is too much already – there is a reason why the dollar is in doubt. It puts an impossible burden on American taxpayers in the future. The other way the government can pay backs debt is to print money. This is called monetizing debt and it’s begun already. Put another way, we are risking the full faith and credit of the United States, the solvency of our government. Crises of that scope don’t end well!

Republicans, be heard! Call your Congressman and Senators! Let your friends and family know that you’re concerned! Spread the spirit of LIMITED GOVERNMENT! Here is their contact information.

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