31 Mar
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New York City Tax Day Tea Party!

Say no to spending and pork and support tax cuts on Tax Day, nationwide!

The Details
Date: Wednesday, April 15, 2009
Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Location: City Hall Park, New York, New York

The first NYC Tea Party was a huge success. This time there will be more media and a louder voice. Great speakers and a huge crowd.

For more information about Tea Parties nationwide, check out www.TaxDayTeaParty.com

For events in New York State: www.TaxDayTeaParty.com/teaparty/new-york

If you’re interested in helping organize the event, or want to find out more information, email nycteaparty@gmail.com

DISCLAIMER: This post and the contents thereof are the views of only the author identified immediately above and do not necessarily represent the views of the New York Young Republican Club (the "NYYRC"), its officers or its members. The NYYRC expressly disclaims responsibility for the contents thereof and by its charter documents may not, and does not, endorse any candidate for any office, except in a general election.


  • keep hannity, newt, and all the rest of the liars from either party out of this—we dont trust them any more—

  • i say lets have newt gingrich run for preident. who is a highly intelligent man and makes sense every time i hear him. i love hannity, o’reilly, greta and glenn beck. they tell the truth and we decide unlike those liberal nuts. i was a young republican back in the early 1950s during ike’s candidacy and i was a i like ike gal at madison square garden.
    patricia in the hudson valley NY

  • We must watch out for ACORN trouble makers trying to make us look radical like they are…

  • Einstein I disagree with you.

  • I a registered Democrat, proud American, who was proud to attend Staten Island’s Tea Party. Washington must realize that this goes beyond “republican conservatives”. It’s about saving the country for the future generation.

  • The next step is the start a movement to repeal the 16 th amendment. That amendment repealed Article 1 section 9, clause 4 of the Constitution, which bars the current income tax system. Income taxes are allowed under that now repealed clause of the Constitution:

    “There appears to be no dispute about the plain requirements of the Constitution that direct taxes must be apportioned and that indirect taxes must be uniform.”

    By eliminating the apportionment and uniformity requirements, the Federal Government was give the unlimited and unrestrained ability to tax people. The limits on the power to tax that were so wisely placed in the Constitution, were designed to constrain abusive taxing powers.

    A repeal of the 16 th amendment will not eliminate the power to levy Federal income taxes, but mere impose the apportionment and uniformity requirement. Satisfying those requirements are politically unpalatable . That would necessarily result in a excise tax as a substitute, probably a consumption tax such as a national sale tax. Without an income tax, a national sales tax would be far better. People could largely control their taxes by deciding how they spend their money. It would also fuel capital formation at a rate not seen in 125 years.

    I say we start here and now the movement to repeal the 16 th amendment.