31 Mar
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Listen To Rush Before Bashing Him

Andrew Klavan makes a great point in his LA Times column. Hey liberals…before bashing Rush Limbaugh and comparing him to most hateful voices of our time…why don’t you LISTEN TO HIM.

Hey, I rarely believe in anything that Keith Olberman says, but I still watch Countdown every now and then. It is quite an entertaining show and the same goes for Bill Maher. It is important that liberals start hearing divergent voices, because it will challenge their beliefs and prevent them from just being Obamadrones.

It’s interesting how during the Iraq war, liberals tried to make heroes out of stooges such as Michael Moore and Cindy Sheehan, but now when Rush Limbaugh opposes THEIR president’s policies, then he must be destroyed. What is the difference with these two forms of dissent? And don’t forget about a movie that was made looking at the fallout of a potential President Bush assassination. I know…liberals…when Rush said “I hope he fails” about President Obama that was much worse than a docudrama about the assassination of a sitting president.
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The Democratic Party now feels that they have to sabotage the Republicans and demonize the opposition to get their agenda passed. They should learn from George W. Bush, who ran the country the best way he saw fit, without going after his harshest critics. It is so sad that President Obama wants to play politics when the country is going through two wars and a terrible economy. He should learn from Ronald Reagan and JFK, who brought civility and class to oval office. The country badly wants to return to the Washington of those eras and President Obama should follow suit.

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