3 Feb
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What’s The Best Strategy For The GOP?

Since suffering heavy losses in the 2008 election….the Republican Party has been having an internal battle over what direction the party should go in.

On Townhall.com…Michael Barone writes that he believes that the GOP should go after upscale voters living in affluent suburbs…rather than set their sites toward rural conservatives that were energized by Sarah Palin’s vice presidential candidacy.

I tend to agree with Mr. Barone…but still believe that Republicans need to create a message centered around two main points…individualism and personal responsibility…in order to win future elections. These were two key focal points in Ronald Reagan’s 1980 victory…and led America to great prosperity and confidence after the dismal Carter Administration.

We as a party have to take our inspiration from the “Great Communicator” and come up with a simple message that the American people can both comprehend and embrace. The days of “Karl Rove Politics” need to end…where the GOP targeted cultural conservatives in the Midwest and South in order win elections.

Republicans should be thrilled with their new chair Michael Steele…as he believes strongly in limited government, a strong national defense, and is more mainstream on social issues. He just the man to unite Republicans…and will give us a chance to boost our numbers in the Northeast

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  • I agree, if the GOP wants to remain relevant, there needs to be an appeal to a larger swath of voters.

  • They certainly do need to appeal to a large number of voters, which is why I’d disagree with Mr. Barone.

    Upscale voters in affluent suburbs? Why don’t we just change RNC to RCC – Republican Country Club – and see how many new voters we attract? Contra Colin Powell, the GOP does not have to work to court more minorities through a change in principles; we need to articulate our principles so that more people understand them. This is what made Reagan great – not petty appeals to grievance groups.

    Finally, the Palin bashing is getting old, especially from the self-appointed GOP intellectuals.