24 Feb
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Supreme Court Reform Ideas

A group of legal scholars and attorneys gathered recently to develop a detailed proposal to reform the Supreme Court. Among the items addressed are term lengths and appointments as well as changes in how the high court actually handles and picks its cases.

I’m not averse to making some changes to the Supreme Court. For instance, I’ve always believed that in a democratic society no public office of any sort should be a lifetime appointment. I don’t think the Founding Fathers were wrong about too many things, but I think they fouled the ball on that one. On the other hand, I’m extremely concerned about the idea of making fundamental changes to the judicial branch of our government when the Democrats control the White House and Congress. They simply don’t have the respect for the rule of law necessary to undertake such a mature task.

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  • some would claim that republicans don’t have the respect either. and they would definitely have a point.

    i don’t trust either political party to make fundamental changes. i think your comment “They simply don’t have the respect for the rule of law necessary to undertake such a mature task.” shows your inability to objectively look at the issue. to make comments like that is why republicans and democrats alike are seen as partisan hacks (yourself included).

    apparently the foundation of the republican party (fiscal responsibility and moral values) are not adhered to anymore because of bush and the modern day republican party. look at how they acted when THEY had power. you’d trust those guys to make changes?

    your drivel is why republicans in new york city are obsolete. here you are taking a condescending view of democrats when us republicans are just as guilty. if you are writing for the club blog, i seriously worry about direction of that dead and irrelevant club.

    any republicans elected in nyc lately? yea, didn’t think so. this attitude is why.

    this is a ridiculous post written by someone who obviously has no experience in law otherwise there

  • “They simply don’t have the respect for the rule of law necessary to undertake such a mature task.”

    Ouch. The dems apparently don’t have a corner on smugness and gross overgeneralization. Such self-righteous huffing and puffing makes one wonder about the spotlessness of the writer’s legal and moral record.

  • I always admire the candor of people who hide behind an “anonymous” tag.

    Now that you have slung some mud at Republicans and at my self-righteous ways, did you actually want to take a moment to address the topic of Supreme Court reform? That’s the discussion I’d really like to have.