6 Feb
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Republicans Poised To Win Stimulus Bill Battle

President Barack Obama is poised to suffer his first major political loss since announcing his candidancy for President of the United States two years ago. During the campaign…Obama inspired 53 million Americans to vote for him through his ideas of change, transparency, and unity.

The first two weeks of the Obama presidency has not lived up to this message at all as he has gotten off to a rough start trying to pass his stimulus bill through Congress. Victor Davis Hanson of The Corner on National Review Online even described the efforts of his administration as “laughable.” John Gibson of Fox News Radio took it a step further saying that he was “A JV player trying to play in the NBA…and right now he is getting schooled”

Obama’s biggest mistake so far was going after popular Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh by saying to House GOP that if listened to Rush they would get nothing done in Washington.

This arrogant stance fired up conservative talk show hosts and their audience, which gave Republicans in Congress a chance to use a variety of media outlets to criticize the Stimulus bill and show how outrageous it was to the public. This caused many Americans to bombard Capitol Hill with angry phone calls over the bill.

Now even with close to a 60 seat majority in the Senate it looks like the Stimulus bill may not pass as only 37% of the public support the bill in the latest Rasmussen poll. Now the Republicans are on the verge of a stunning upset on the scale of the Giants beating the undefeated Patriots. Just like New England, Obama was eventually going to lose a game even if his wide receiver (the Mainstream Media) was better than Randy Moss

After a very unpopular president, a badly run presidenital campaign, and two years of infighting, Barack Obama has done something that seemed impossible on election night. He has united the Republican Party around solid, conservative principles. So…On Thursday, February 5…I stand before you in amazement at “The Messiah’s” first “miracle.” Let us rejoice…and be glad.

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