11 Feb
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One Step Closer to National Health Care?

Apparently, the stimulus bill to nowhere includes a $20 billion incentive encouraging medical record digitization. The intent of health IT is to gain a better understanding of health trends and outcomes. If you recall, Mr. Daschle proposed in his book “Critical: What We Can Do About the Health-Care Crisis,” that the federal government be given massive powers in health care regulation, thereby imposing price controls and determining the drugs and treatments to be used for patients under a federal health system. We are now one step closer to that dream as no doubt this bill will help to solidify the governments intent for control…….and for a future mess.

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1 Comment

  • Health IT in theory is a great idea – it is a big step toward health care portability that could actually bring costs down and raise the quality of care in a privately run system.

    The fact that liberals are perverting it into a weapon in their fight to create a disastrous government-run health care system is typical, and tragic.