21 Nov
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Clinton as Secretary of State

Roll Call’s reporting that Senator Clinton will be accepting President-Elect Obama’s offer to be his Secretary of State. This is certainly an interesting choice and one the media’s been fixated on for a week now.

And one, as late as last night, I believed to be a big old media power play. Guess I owe Matt Hindin, Saul Farber and co. a few bucks.

That said, how excited do you get to think that she’ll be leaving her post as NY’s junior Senator?!?! Who does the Governor choose?

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  • I personally be holding off on my excitement until Patterson names a replacement. I shudder to think of who he may appoint.

  • Bob Woodward seems to think Obama is off his rocker http://www.mediabistro.com/fishbowlDC/television/woodward_knocks_clinton_sos_choice_101501.asp

    Word is the front-runner to replace her in the Senate is Rep. Nydia Velazquez. Shudder away.

    I just got a chill.

  • Velazquez is a NIGHTMARE.