19 Nov
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Auto CEOs Take Private Jets to Beg Congress for $$

If you want to play the role of the pauper in asking Congress to give you $25 billion in taxpayer money to bail out your pathetically run automobile manufacturing company, then don’t fly to Washington in a private jet. That just looks bad no matter how you slice it.

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  • Do you know that they were using company money, not personal money, and like the AIG spa excursions, companies that are in such dire straits they need government aid should at least be showing some fiscal responsibility by making basic cutbacks on unnecessary luxuries.

  • Exactly, Jen. The Government can’t throw money down a bottomless pit. Any investor in his right mind would demand that most non-essential expenditures be cut before providing any financing. Frankly, how you fire a worker when you just spent his annual salary on just the cost of operating your private jet to fly and beg the government to give you tax payer money is beyond me. It’s just terrible PR at the least. Americans have no sympathy for this and they shouldn’t.

  • It’s beyond terrible PR… It’s just not thinking. I’m sorry, but the facet of the matter is that we set a bad precedent. We bailed out Wall Street, not everyone else is coming to DC, in style I might add, with their hand out. Disgusting and a handout is NOT the only option.