23 Oct
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Liberal Reporter Learns Truth About Liberals

A liberal reporter for Metro NY reported on what it was like to dress up as a conservative for a day and as will not surprise anyone in this club, people were nasty to her in public just because she wore a McCain hat. Of course, you can’t be a liberal in New York without having a few stereotypes about Republicans, which of course she threw into the article. According to her, all Republicans dress like squares, want to overturn Roe v. Wade and love Sarah Palin.

At least she acknowledged that the Democratic Party really is not about acceptance and open-mindedness.

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  • If this reporter had any credentials, she would have come to us: REAL Young Professional Republicans who live, work and campaign in the bluest city in the world. Instead, she parades herself around Manhattan making a mokery of what we believe in and what we stand for. Next time, do what that the Mainstream Media has been doing for years-Call us/Email us, ask us for an interview and get a REAL response… for a REAL story.

    (I guess I’m not sure I would expect more from a reporter who writes for METRO, the world’s worst liberal rag on the streets of NYC).

  • I thought that reporters were supposed to at least feign objectivity?

  • It’s so amazing how they’ve completely come out of the closet, during this election cycle. Those of us who have seen the press as liberal (and obviously there are many reporters who are objective and do great work) but on the whole we’ve known where they stand for a long time. I guess we shouldnt be surprised…

  • I think that, at least, as media continues to transition, the good ones will come out on top.

  • Unfortunate, but perhaps (1) not wearing a baseball cap at an engagement party, regardless of the message on the hat, and (2) not addressing people as “you liberals” would have resulted in better reactions. I wouldn’t have done either thing and have never had a problem as a Republican in Manhattan.

  • How long have you lived in Manhattan? Liberals look at republicans as antiquated and small-minded. Do not kid yourself and think any different. They do not like rules, restriction or us!!