23 May
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Japan gets wise about the Final Frontier

It’s no secret that if there should be a war with China in the next 20 years, space will be a battlefield. Their anti-satellite missile test in 2007 was as clear a sign as any that they intend to mess with America’s space-based communications network should we end up in a tangle with them. Of course, weak-in-the-knees folks over here (read “liberals”) spend more time castigating our government for space-based military testing than China, which is typical of the internationalist view held by the left since the days of the Cold War.

Japan for one seems to be recognizing the dangers in their neighborhood with China and North Korea. This week the Diet passed a law that will allow funding for an early-warning satellite system to be developed in conjunction with the United States. It seems that it is easier to recognize the threat posed to safety and security when it is just a few hundred miles away. Then again, we’ve actually been attacked right here on our soil, and there are still those among us who want to buckle like belts in the face of aggression. Go figure.

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1 Comment

  • I agree, China, and Russia as well, are serious potential threats that should not be discounted. I think that the reality of this is very evident in the Sudan, where China and Russia are fighting Western efforts to stop the genocide because of their oil interests.

    By the way, Joe Biden tries to make the case for why Obama would be better than McCain on foreign policy on the WSJ today:

    Scary, scary stuff.