19 May
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Hang in there, Hillary (jk)

Hillary Clinton told primary voters in Kentucky this weekend that Democrats should not to rush to judgment in choosing their nominee. I don’t think she has to worry about that. This primary has already outlasted her campaign’s bank account, her ability to win the nomination, and the public’s belief that she can still pull it off.

At least no one is rushing to judgment, though, ’cause that’s bad when voters do that.

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  • At least we have her to thank for stalling Obama’s momentum with that huge win in West Virginia. :) The longer she stays in, the better for us.

  • Jen,

    In case you missed it, Obama had a rally of 75,000 people the other day… I am not sure what your definition of momentum is but I am pretty sure thats it, doubtful Hillary is doing much of anything than harming further the Clinton brand…

    And I really don’t see how this will help us?

  • Anonymous,

    Yes, Obama still has a very strong, devoted following, but Clinton’s overwhelming victory in WV raised questions about his ability to win working class Democrat votes.

    Hillary staying in the race for this long and continuing to attack Obama has not only saved some work for the RNC, but it has kept the Dems from being able to focus on John McCain – though this is changing now that more and more Dems have declared this race over.

  • Jen,

    I am pretty sure 75,000 people, regardless of their “make-up” will answer questions on Obama’s viability. Republicans do themselves a disservice by harping on that point. Any independent and general election voter will look at Obama and say he had an uphill battle for the primary and reject any Rep argument on viability. Republicans will need to focus on issues. Viability isn’t the concept voters are fretting over, b/c if it was he would have never gotten this far! Its issues and Republicans need to heed their lesson from their third straight special congressional election loss: attacking Democrats is not enough, especially when they are selling a brand with better appeal than yours right now.

  • I’m not saying that he’s not viable or that he doesn’t have a lot of support, just that it may not be as easy for him as it may have seemed a couple of months ago.

    And yes, Republicans do need to stick to the issues and not go negative – that’s why its great that we have Hillary doing some attacking.

    Republicans have an uphill battle this election, and it is time to focus on the issues that Democrats are hurting us on right now, such as the economy, the war and healthcare.