10 Apr
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Interesting Read on GOP’s Youth…

David Frum, former speechwriter and conservative author wrote the following piece and I think it’s a great blueprint for up and coming YR Clubs looking to push out their message…

Here in the Blue of the Blue, I think there are points that will certainly resonate.


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  • Good reading. However, it’s interesting that both the Frum piece and the Robert Rector article it links to blame the current wave of out-of-wedlock births (over 1/3 of all US births as of 2005, according to the CDC) on women. Each states that children would be lifted out of poverty “if their mothers married their fathers”. Since we’re talking about polishing up the party’s curb appeal, I must say that it makes us look rather backward and benighted to put the onus on the women.

    Children would be lifted out of poverty if fewer men walked out on their mothers. I can’t imagine a woman who wouldn’t try to make it work with the father of her child. However, the hoary idea that this is the decent thing to attempt seems to have lost traction among many males in our society. Some don’t want to be bothered; they have little concept of the difficulties faced by the woman and little trouble rationalizing a decision to abandon woman and child. Some imagine that sending a few dollars is sufficient action. Others feel the baby is really the mother’s problem since she refused to opt for an abortion; they resent the woman’s insensitivity to their needs, which were for her to terminate the pregnancy and go away. And, sadly, some men have issues with alcohol or drugs. A stable one-parent home is preferable to a two-parent domicile disrupted by substance abuse or violence. If these men can’t or won’t clean up their acts, women must make tough choices. Even Laura Bush reached a point at which she threatened to take the children and leave, saying it was her or the bottle.

    I seriously doubt that many unwed mothers are turning up their noses at nuptials and blithely skipping away from princes pursuing them with rings. It’s difficult enough to raise children with two loving parents on the home team. Few women would willingly choose to go it alone. There are many multiple-time baby daddies out there and they now come from all socioeconomic groups. Perhaps, as adolescence has begun to extend almost into middle age, so have adolescent notions of responsibility and acceptable behavior. It’s easy to blame the women: pregnancies are simple to spot. Cads are less so. Rather than labeling the people carrying the heavy load with scarlet A’s, we should give big red L’s to the men running from it.

  • You make some very good points. Unfortunately, I actually do know a woman that got purposely knocked up by a random guy, figuring that the state would pay for her single motherhood and her and the baby would live happily ever after in the trailor – though she realized quite quickly it isn’t that easy and married some other guy. I’m guessing though that she is a rare case and your thoughts probably better describe the majority.