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“Day 2 – Emperor Has No Clothes” – NY State Young Republicans Support Impeachment, Urge Resignation

“Day 2 – Emperor Has No Clothes” – NY State Young Republicans Support Impeachment, Urge Resignation

Press Release: For Immediate
Contact: Stephen Canzoneri 516-353-1108
Date: March 11, 2008

Christopher Dziedzic, chairman of the New York State Young Republicans, today announced that he supports Assembly Republican Leader Jim Tedisco’s calls for the impeachment of Governor Eliot Spitzer on “Day Two – The Emperor Has No Clothes.”

“Leader Tedisco gave the disgraced governor until Thursday to voluntarily remove himself from office before impeachment proceedings begin in the Assembly,” said Dziedzic. “The governor needs to do what he knows is right and step aside to avoid such a thing from happening. Impeachment, while very necessary, will distract state leaders for other business. This needs to end now.”

Dziedzic urged New Yorkers to sign the petition on the New York State Young Republicans’ web site (http://www.nysyr.us/) urging “Client #9” to quit the state’s top post. “He has betrayed all of us and it hurts. Everyday that passes is another day that state government is halted,” Dziedzic remarked. The direct link to the petition is http://www.nysyr.us/petition.php .

“Mr. Spitzer is trying to use his office as leverage in his pending criminal charges. To that I say, ‘Stop abusing your office and your constituents. Haven’t we been tortured long enough?’” concluded Dziedzic.


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  • Facebook group calling for Governor Spitzer’s resignation: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=11394916907

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