8 Nov
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WSJ/NBC Poll Shows Clinton Vulnerable to Giuliani

A WSJ/NBC poll shows that 50% of voters would prefer a Democrat as our next president, compared to 35% that would prefer a Republican. However, Hillary is polling poorly on “honesty, likeability and sharing their positions on the issues,” which leaves even many Democrats hesitant to vote for her. This is evident in a head-to-head match-up with Rudy, which currently has them in a dead heat – Hillary 46%, Rudy 45%.

Rudy’s momentum continues – he still leads the Republican field with 33%, and has recently picked up an endorsement from Pat Robertson.

As I said in the debate the other night, in addition to being the best candidate for the job, Rudy is our best chance of keeping Hillary out of the White House.*

Poll Suggests Clinton is VulnerableThe Wall Street Journal

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1 Comment

  • As a conservative, I don’t necessarily agree with Rudy’s views 100% but he is a heck of a lot better than any of the democrats, especially Hitlery and Osama. He is the only hope we have to really challenge the Demos in the election.