13 Sep
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NY Times Liberal Bias Revealed Once Again

It’s getting harder and harder for the NY Times to claim objectivity – the New York Post has revealed that they gave MoveOn.org more than a $100,000 discount on their ad attacking General Petraeus. Also in the Post today, Ed Koch, who does not support the war but still found the ad repulsive, calls out the Democratic presidential candidates for not condemning the ad.

I’m sure that we can look forward to more immature acts from MoveOn.org as the elections get closer.

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  • NYTimes’ bias is apparently not much of a story, yet I wonder if MSM would treat this story the same way, if it was about the WA Times?

  • Nope, nope, the liberal media??? They don’t favor the LEFT!!!

    Glad to see that members of the LEFT are entitled to the NYT’s “friends and family discount”…

    On a bigger note, this man puts the uniform day in and day out, as so many other do, to protect our freedoms — the exact freedom(s) MoveOn.Org exercised while placing this ad. (It’s a disgrace that they put this ad out on September 11th.)
    Disgusting — Let’s pressure Clinton, Obama, etc to denounce MoveOn.org and the donations that come along w/it.

  • It’s time for a boycott of the NYT. They’ve gone beyond the pale this time; it’s not just liberal bias here, it’s flat-out hatred of America.


  • I guess we’ll see How long the legs of this story really are, come tomorrow morning!

  • It’s very interesting that liberals harp on the fairness doctrine for talk radio, but not for the newspapers.

  • MoveOn.org actually screwed over their friends at the Times by revealing how much they paid for the ad. For one thing, as left-leaning as the Times is, they still like to put forth an objective image, so having such favortism revealed was very embarrassing for them. Second, even though newspapers have listed ad prices, there’s always negotiation involved and not everyone pays the same price, maybe the discount isn’t as much as they gave MoveOn.org, but I can tell you from experience that there is nothing worse for a company that has a product with subjective pricing to have the price they gave to one cusomer made public. Following that news, I can guarantee you that companies were calling their account rep at the NYT advertising dept to ask why couldn’t they get that kind of deal. Newspapers are already having a hard enough time raising ad revenue, so trust me, this is not good for the Times business. They’ve already had to concede to Rudy and gave him the same deal for his rebuttal ad, and now a ton of other political action committees and political candidates are going to publicly demand the same deal. And because the Times is still trying to pass themselves off as non-biased, they’re going to have to keep giving out this price until the controversy dies down. So, everytime you get irritated about the liberal bias of the NYT, just think about the work all of their ad reps are doing to mend their relationships with customers. :)

  • Good thing we have Murdoch trying to even out the media influence. It’s ridiculous that the Times, which sets the national media agenda each day, is blatantly showing their bias more and more each month. They might as well just change the name to “The New York Times, the paper of the Left”.

    Can’t wait for the Fox Business Channel!!

  • Good for you guys and gals, keep up the hard work. I am not sure what qualifies as young, but if its 21YO or less even more impressive that you are making a differnce in NYC! Go McCain/Palin!

    davidvaldezjr@yahoo.com from Alaska!