17 May
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Is media causing confusion over cancer?

A new study shows that 47% of Americans believe that just about everything causes cancer and many feel that nothing can be done to prevent cancer. In fact, a significant percentage of cancers are caused by smoking and obesity – risk factors that can be reduced with lifestyle changes.

One explanation for the confusion:
“There’s also a tension between science and the media — the former valuing the accumulation of solid evidence over time, and the latter trumpeting the results of perhaps only one particular study.”

That’s certainly a fair assessment. The media loves to lead with dire headlines warning us about the latest cause of cancer, but often they are citing a lone study showing a minor link which is refuted by many in the medical community.

John Stossel will be speaking tonight about myths purported by the media. I’m really looking forward to hearing what he has to say about the issue.

Many Americans Confused About Cancer: Survey

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1 Comment

  • Stossel was awesome, I’d say over 100 people in the room and everyone enjoyed hearing from him.