12 Mar
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Anxiety Over China’s military buildup

While the U.S. is heavily engaged with China economically, the Chinese military buildup is in full swing, announcing an unprecedented 18% increase in the official defense budget last week.

What this means is heightened regional anxiety and potential ammunition for isolationists in the U.S. Congress for more trade protection.

As the great British economist historian Niall Ferguson wrote, China and the U.S. are now tightly linked in a symbiotic relationship which has been fueling global growth and bolstering international financial markets. For better or for worse, this “Chimerica” relationship is a reality whose undermining will have huge, negative consequences for the world economy and the living standards for billions of people.

Is China playing smart here by taking the U.S. economy hostage? Can they get away with such rapid and unaccountable military buildup? How should the U.S. respond?

The level of anxiety is certainly due for a major rachet-up as the U.S. and China get even closer economically.

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  • Everyone should check out the DDX Project and the Zumwalt-class destoyers. Read about how Congress keeps hampering the program. Read about how China has secret/hidden naval construction yards producing submarines.

    While China has a LONG way to go to even come close to touching the strength of our Navy, their first home built aircraft carrier is speculatively supposed to be launched in 2010.

    Democrats are weak on security and defense and it shows by their meddling in the military’s budget year after year. If the Democrats win in ’08, we should probably expect to see a bid to enter the EU and then with the combined diplomacy of everyone, the US could give up our “excessive military” and talk nice to all these “victimized nations”.

  • Excuse me. Where do you think the vast majority of that budget is going? Oh right. Iraq, Afghanistan. Do me a favor and tally up the total budget of those two wars and tell me what that money could have done in terms of hardening our defenses. While we drag ourselves into a long drawn out battle with insurgence. China sits back and laughs.
    Right now we could be overhauling our military forces if we weren’t spending our money elsewhere. Mr. Bush brought us to this point. Yes it was congress, which includes BOTH parties, that initially signed the check but it is he who has kept us there.
    And let us deal with your obvious rebuttal. But they should get more! Where do you expect that money to come from? I always find it amusing that many, not all but many, Republicans have these grandiose ideas (Like going back to the moon -Bush) and no real way to pay for them.