12 Jan
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The beginning of the end:

As I read the articles and listen to the interviews it has become clear that not only the future of Iraq but also the future security of our interests at home and abroad are in danger. Despite the President’s best effort to take the fight to the terrorists and do what he knows is best for the security of our nation the people of our country are no longer capable of understanding. Gone are the days when the American people comprehended what was at stake. When they were capable of seeing the risk to the future if we did not act or hold the line.

With even Republicans now falling into the trap the only thing left is for our troops to go the way of Mogadishu in 1993. Al Qeada will be given new life and a new home to plot and attack American and western interests, the way they used Somalia to plot and attack our embassies in Nairobi, Dar es Salaam and Kenya after Clinton pulled out.

The complete pullout of Iraq will be as momentous for Islamic terrorists and their host nations as was the Soviet pullout of Afghanistan. While Americans cheer that we are now home on our couches watching the E Channel, Al Qeada will use the opportunity to plot their next faze of the war.

At what point did we loose our understanding of what it takes to be a powerful and secure nation? Maybe we should be grateful that we’ve even made it this far. Had today’s American mentality beset us two centuries ago, America would very likely still be a handful of states without a western coast or worse the property of either Britain or Mexico. It might not even be the United States but two separate nations of north and south.

Maybe the change came when new generations of Americans forgot what it took us to get here. There is something sad about today’s masses when many don’t know what Pearl Harbor was or in some cases think she’s a singer. How many today even know that we fought a war in 1812, against who and why?

America is still a great nation but is unfortunately receding into a state of vulnerability. The reaction of Americans after 9/11 gave us a brief moment of what once was, a look back into the distant mirror of a time when American’s refused to cave or compromise the way our enemies currently are today and why after our forced withdrawal from Iraq, they will hold all the cards.

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  • The problem is that the anti-war critics keep bringing up that we shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Whether or not we should have gone there in the first place should not be an issue when considering future action – we are there and if we leave before the country has stabilized, not only will the US look weaker for cutting-and-running, even more people will die than are dying now.

    Let’s just hope that there are enough Democrats in Congress that are pragmatic enough to realize that if they force the US to exit and Iraq descends into complete anarchy, blame is going to shift to them, which will not be a good way for them to enter 2008 elections.

  • Pragmatic??? a few words… the national deficit ring any bells???? Who is going to keep funding this? You? We made our bed. And now we are going to have to deal with the mess your president made. More troops & more of our money is not going to work. The problem is so much bigger than that.