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2 Jan
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Is he living in the same State I am?

Just like that the Eliot Spitzer era has officially begun. Spitzer trying to continue to make New Yorkers believe the world is crumbling down around them, stated during his speech that “New York has slept through much of the past decade while the rest of the world has passed us by” under Governor Pataki. Really?

If that was true somebody forgot to tell the New York real-estate market that has seen prices skyrocket over the last decade. Even homes in Suffolk County that were barely $100K ten years ago now sell for over a half a million.

Somebody also forgot to tell the New York job market that has unemployment under 5%, the rate considered to be full employment in society.

Everyday I look around and see a Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, etc. that is better today then ten years ago. I see a State and its current statistics that are gong to make it extremely hard for Eliot Spitzer to improve upon. What’s he going to do take unemployment to unprecedented levels of 3% or crime down another 47%? Good luck!

The only one in New York that has been sleeping during the last decade is Eliot Spitzer and those that wanted to believe that Pataki was a bad Governor.