26 Nov
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YOU Are Why We Worry About The Wrong Things

The latest Time Magazine issue talks about how we agonize over events such as Avian Bird Flu that are very unlikely to happen to us over things such as high cholesterol which leads to heart disease that kills 700,000 Americans annually. They also talk about how someone might “still look askance at a bag of spinach for fear of E. coli bacteria while filling their carts with fat-sodden French fries and salt-crusted nachos.” Basically they are saying we are poor at our personal risk management.

If Big Media is wondering why that is, they only have to look in the mirror. They bombard us with these stories about E. Coli and Avian Bird Flu until they have sucked every last drop of juice from them. Then they have the nerve to wonder why people obsess over it?

Last year people I knew would gripe to me how Bush wasn’t putting enough money into vaccines for Bird Flu and I would just give them the customary smile and roll of the eyes that becomes very automatic for a New York City Republican.

The media sometimes forgets that they have a responsibility to the public they are serving as well as their wallets. They just pound and pound away at a story then once it’s dead they do shows with the topic asking if the media has overplayed the story. YES they have! This situation is like the NBA player who commits a crime then says how even though he’s a professional basketball player, makes tons of money from the public, he still is in no way a role model for young kids.

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