21 Nov
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Public school folly:

Originally I wasn’t going to comment about the extra $2 billion that a New York State court order to be paid to New York City schools. However after hearing some of the complaints from the plaintiffs I just had to chime in.

After the decision one of the lawyers on behalf of the plaintiffs claimed that because they didn’t get $5 billion, children would now not be able to read and do math. Now correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t see how an extra $5 billon or even $2 billion is going to make children learn how to read and do math. How come the Catholic school system doesn’t need to raise it’s budget by billions of dollars every year to make sure those kids know how to read and do math?

As someone who went to Catholic school as a child and teenager and now sends his son to Catholic school, I personally enjoy watching them make a mockery out of the public school system year after year.

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  • The city tried to streamline busing and planned on passing on the savings to students – and now the bus companies have gone to court trying to get an injunction to stop it.

    Maybe the city wouldn’t have so many problems funding schools if unions and special interest groups weren’t so determined to get as much money as they can for themselves. They don’t care if the school is falling apart because there isn’t funding to repair it, as long as they get what they feel they are entitled to, no matter how poorly they perform.

  • Maybe the Republican National Committee or right leaning special interest groups need to run tv commercials and radio ads touting success of catholic schools and other non-public schools against the results of public schools.

    That would be a way of directly getting into the publics minds.

  • Yeah, I just figure that maybe the problem can be that these groups aren’t communicating their message strong enough.

    Just as Bill Clinton realized just before the election, when consveratives follow their principles and the public understand them, Dems are in trouble.

  • My mother-in-law works for the Catholic Church and I always tell her that I think the dioceses should put money into a marketing campaign.

    They could promote the success of Catholic school students and how inexpensive and inform parents about the new “Empire State School Tax Credit”.

    I think the tag line could be. “Not just for Catholics”.

  • I like that tagline – there were about a half dozen non-catholic kids in my grade when I was at catholic school, and it was never an issue. I had eight years of religious schooling and am still an aetheist.

    Affordable private schools should market themselves – it is likely that many families don’t realize that for just a few thousand a year they can give their children a far superior education.

  • Dear My Fellow Republicans:

    I am so enthuisastically proud that I see a blog on education reform in NYC.

    There is a new organization that was formed that is trying implement immediate and revolutionary reform of ***Failing*** New York City public school system via a 100% Privatized/Free Market model. And the best part is that it actually has a practical chance of ***Passing*** by the Liberals in the City Council.

    cf. http://www.nycfamilies.org

    cf. http://www.debate.com/debates/No-Child-Left-Behind/1/

    Thanks for hearing me out and take care.


    Christian E. Savage