28 Nov
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My idea to shock the public school system:

With the teachers union crying how they’re only going to get an extra $2 billion instead of $5 billion, I’ve been thinking of a way to get the city to start respecting the private school system. As far as I’m concerned the private school system is taken for granted in this city.

What I would like to see is for every parent who has a kid in private school to turn and register his or her child in public school. Now they should also register them for private school at the same time and actually send their kids there on the first day of school.

The point of registering them for public school would be to enjoy the chaos that would ensue as the system became crippled. The city wouldn’t know what to do with the tens of thousands of students from pre-k to 12th set to show up.

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  • I have an even better idea that would reap many more long-term benefits, especially for the children: Loving parents, pull your kids out of the public schools and teach them yourselves. If even only 1% of families would do this, the system would notice. And it would be better for the kids than subjecting them to metal detectors, lockdowns, and falsified biology books.

  • I’m all for home schooling, but falsified biology books? I took biology in public school and the biology books were quite accurate. Are you one of those nuts trying to get them to teach intelligent design?

  • Also, Nick – fantastic idea. They should register the kids for busing as well.

  • Evolution is the fairy tale for adults. You’re an idiot or a mind-number robot if you believe it.

  • This is one topic that I find interesting. I obviously believe in God. That doesn’t mean I believe the Bible word for word because I think it’s impossible to truly understand what its authors were thinking and going through at that time.

    For instance some scholars believe the Book of Revelations is not describing and predicting the end of the world but the fall of the Roman Empire. If you think of that time, the Roman Empire was the world.

    For the purpose of debate I’m generally willing to give atheists an evolution proponents the benefit of the doubt and give them their evolution argument for how man became. However the problem I have is that’s where they like to stop. I want to know if a God doesn’t exist, who created the asteroid that became the planet to start evolution? Or who created the solar system? Or simply who created the universe? I won’t accept that a universe appears out of midair.

  • A fairy tale for adults? How about the mounds of scientific evidence? Do you think carbon-dating is a myth as well? If you do, you truly are an ignorant, close-minded person. You are the idiot for refusing to believe it is a possibility.

    You don’t have to believe an atheist to believe in evolution. As for being a robot – that is what established religion is – believing something just because you’re told it.

    I think its a terrifying possibility that someone as ignorant as Mrs. Mecomber is an advocate of homeschooling children. I can’t even imagine what kind of little idiots she must be raising.

  • Ladies, name-calling isn’t very productive.

    Jen, as far as evolution and its “mounds of scientific evidence”, the fact is the evidence is not enough to award it as scientific law. Evolution is still theory in the scientific community.

    Just because scientists can connect man to ape doesn’t mean anything. There is still many holes in the theory like how did ape form from a single cell organism on a floating asteroid that became earth. If we’re going to believe that the earth was a floating rock of molten lava that got caught in the gravitational pull of the sun that just happened to have billions of single cell organisms that formed into millions of different species we need a lot more proof then what the scientific community has presented.

    I like to look at everything and I still feel the scientific community has as much to prove as religion before we claim a winner. I think this argument has other avenues that need to be discussed, like people that have had outer body experiences and does that add some weight to an afterlife. Or as I stated earlier, how does a universe appear out of thin air on its own? Evolution can’t explain that. Until the day I get to find out, I’m content in having faith that the universe does have a greater purpose and is not some mere coincidence.

  • There are a lot more holes in the bible than there are in evolutionary theory.

    And there is a huge difference between thinking that there may have been a supernatural being that put evolution into play than calling, which is perfectly understandable and acceptable, than from someone who obstinately and ignorantly calls evolution a fairy-tale.

  • (rolls eyes) no wonder you guys lost the election. Check the facts out before swallowing the bogus hype and attacking the messenger with venom.

    There are loads of proof that the Bible is true, and NONE proving evolution. I have researched both. You haven’t researched either, obviously. If so, you would know that scientists dispute the carbon-dating procedure (which proves nothing about either evolution or creation) because it is so inconsistent and variable. Variables do not prove anything.

    On a more important matter, there are NO transitional fossils, no species has EVER changed into another species, and the microcellular processes (not to mention the cell itself) scream creation. No archaeological discovery has ever disproved the Bible record. You obvously are chanting the mind-numbing mantra of the uninformed (and apathetic).

    Sorry for you, that’s the “gospel” truth.

    And also, your hatred is an issue with which you really need to deal, before you hurt someone.

  • Oh gosh, I keep remembering some GREAT books!! Try out these– they are absolutely TERRIFICLY mind-boggling, for their brilliance!!!

    “The Reasonableness of Christianity, as Delivered in the Scriptures” by John Locke (he wrote a second edition, “The Vindication” to retort those who rejected the initial book). His “Two Treatises of Government” is spectacular too, and has a lot of Bible study in it.

    Anything by C.S. Lewis and Francis Schaeffer are incredible. I loved “Mere Christianity” by Lewis and Schaeffer’s “A Christian Manifesto” is superb. Another one, a philosopher’s critique of ancient and modern art and culture, is “How Shall We Then Live”; and is very appropriate for our modern era where it is now so vogue to cast off our foundations and hate what once made America great.

    The Works of Jonathan Edwards are GREAT, although I have not read them all. I think they are offered online, somewhere. He was quite the scientist and philosopher, as well as a minister. The Works of John Witherspoon (a minister, president of Princeton, mentor to James Madison, and signer of the Declaration of Independence) are incredible. I have an interest in law and history, so I adore Witherspoon, Rutherford, and Blackstone. All are BASIC BASIC works for any serious historian and American law student– that is, until secularism took over the schools in the early 1900’s. When I was in school, required reading was “Death of a Salesman.” Ick. Don’t know what is equired reading today… but I am sure that it isn’t The Maxims of George Washington or The Federalist Papers!

    I could go on and on with great recommendations!! It makes me want to read them all over again, now! You won’t be disappointed, believe me!

  • Hey, I had put in a post previous to the one where I recommended some books … like Lee Stroebel’s “The Case For a Creator” and Michael Behe’s “Darwin’s Black Box.” Where’d the post go? I checked before I closed blogger to ensure it went through…???

    Stroebel’s book is a good one for starters. Behe’s book, a favored one by my scientist-minded husband, is much more complex, as it deals with microbiology and the processes and structures of the cell. It is a very good book.

    There is a TON of stuff out there about the Scriptures. Isaac Newton wrote more about the Bible than science… a great work of his is “Observations on the Book of Daniel and the Apocaylpse of St. John.” I haven’t read it all, but what I have read is FABULOUS. Most scientists from the golden of days of science, and to whom we owe so much for our moder age, were Bible-believing Christians: Faraday, Boyle, Baynes, Newton, Copernicus, Kepler, etc.

    If you are having problems realizing the Bible’s validity, check out Dr. James Kennedy’s “Why I Believe.” He is recognized as one of the top ten intellectuals of our time. It’s a good, brief book with which to begin. “The Bible as History” by Werner Keller is good (written in England in the 50’s). It would be good to look up some of the discoveries of Sir Leonard Woolsey, too.

    The eohippus, the walking ape-man, Haeckle’s embryos– all found in biology books– are false. They are mere imaginative paintings. Piltdown man, Nebraska man, the peppered moth, Lucy… all hoaxes. A good resource for more on this is Philip Johnson, once an evolutionist but he just couldn’t muster the faith required to believe in it. He found evidence for Jesus Christ and presents the truth on Him, instead.

    There is a LOT of stuff out there if you really want to know. I have been researching stuff for 25 years now.

  • Oh, and one more thing (heh heh, it’s the teacher in me!): get a copy of “Bartlett’s Book of Familiar Quotations” or subscribe to the Federalist Patriot quote of the day (www.patriotpost.us/subscribe).

    As Winston Churchill said, “It is a good thing for an uneducated man to read books of quotations.”

  • Actually, much in the bible is not provable, and there are many parts of the bible that contradict other parts of the bible. Yes, I have done my research by reading noted historians and scientists – I took biology at one of the top universities in the world – I think they have a pretty good idea what they are talking about there.

    Fortunately, most people disagree with people like you and classify them in the nutjob jesus freak category, so your side will never prevail. Go ahead raising your children ignorantly, send them to someplace like Bob Jones where their motto is ignorance, and see what non-performing members of society they turn out to be. I imagine they’ll be boming abortion cilnics or something equally hypocritical.