27 Nov
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First Rule in not getting shot by the cops: Don’t try to run over an undercover police officer:

Tension is high in the city after the shooting of three unarmed men in Jamaica over the weekend. Now hearts should go out to the individuals shot, especially for Sean Bell who was set to be married the next day and died in the incident.

Unfortunately this whole event could have been avoided not only by the scared police officers that cracked under the tension but also Bell and his friends.

First rule, when someone is standing in front of your car, whether you think they’re a cop or not, don’t try to run them over.

Second rule, after you try to run them over a first time, don’t backup and try to run them over again.

I agree that questions need to be answered and things changed. For instance I would like to ask Mayor Bloomberg why do we still have bars and strip clubs still open at 4:00AM? Mayor Bloomberg should worry more about how much alcohol has been consumed until 4:00AM by people, which eventually leads to these incidents, instead of how much fat is in my KFC.

In conclusion, attempts will be made to turn this incident into a case of police brutality. The reality is that this is just a case of human beings who happen to be cops because the NYPD called before the sanitation and fire departments, that under the stress and fear of getting run down unleashed their guns like they were in the middle of Baghdad.

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  • Charles Barron’s “we aren’t the only ones who bleed” comment was really in poor taste. He’s a douche.

  • Very good points

  • The comments above are beyond sophomoric. I dont know whether this guy is joking or not. The whole entire article detracts blame from the real situation. Theses cops fired 50 times! Do you understand that these officers reloaded…twice! NYPD protocol prohibits an officer from firing into a car unless another item is being used to endanger life(other than the car) SO the first rule is not to run over a cop. The first rule is not to shoot into a car at all. Shoot out the tires. The problem here is that if this was 5 white guys at Scores then they go home after being locked up. I dont understand how people can not see the atrocity that took place. This is not Baghdad. This is America.

  • Nobody is excusing the cops in question. I completely agree that unloading 50 shots is excessive and is a sign of someone who cracked under the fear of the moment.

    As someone who always likes to look at both sides of any story, I’m just wondering why the cops have to be the only responsible ones here. Lets not forget that if Bell and his buddies did not get in a bar dispute, make comments about a gun that made one officer suspicious and try to run another cop over, the cops would have not been put in that unfortunate situation. I think everyone has to take some responsibility for what occurred.

    Further for you to say “the problem here is that if this was 5 white guys at Scores then they go home after being locked up”, is so far from the truth and attempts to bring race into a situation that has nothing to do with it.

    If I recall it was only several months ago where officers shot and killed a white guy who drove his SUV onto a Manhattan sidewalk. I didn’t think color had anything to with it then and I don’t think color has anything to do with it now.

  • Don’t run over somebody standing in front of my car? Well, if he’s holding a gun and hasn’t positively IDed himself as a cop, his job title becomes “speed bump”.
    Of course I live in Ohio where people aren’t expected to meekly submit to violent crime, so he may get shot a time or two as well.

    If indeed it turns out that the police did NOT identify themselves, AND they are not held accountable, that will impose upon New Yorkers a de facto duty to submit to carjacking, since any apparent carjacker might in fact be a cop who has failed to properly identify himself.

    The delicious irony is of course that 99% of New Yorkers cannot carry a firearm to defend themselves, the NYPD abjures all responsibility to protect them as individuals, and any apparent “carjacker” might in fact be a policeman engaged in an ill-considered undercover operation.

    The term “Kafkaesque” comes to mind,