28 Jul
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Under Siege!

When it comes to Wal-Mart many in the City Council think that they continue to win their war against the retailer because Wal-Mart has been unable to breach the walls of the city.

In reality, it is Wal-Mart that continues to win the war using a strategy that has been successful since the days of the Roman Empire. Wal-Mart has decided to lay siege to New York City and in return, suck the city of local tax revenue. Currently there are 20 Wal-Mart stores that surround NYC ranging in a distance from 4 miles to 30. Though 30 miles sounds allot in actuality it’s only like 30 to 40 minutes away and for people who live in Queens, it’s much shorter. These stores surround NYC in every direction located in NJ to the west, Westchester to the north and Long Island to the East.

Where the City Council thinks it’s winning because they haven’t seen a Wal-Mart enter the city, Wal-Mart knows it’s winning by the thousands of credit card receipts from NYC residents that fill its cash registers.

When it comes to Wal-Mart and the City Council, the Emperor(s) clearly have no clothes.

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