25 Jul
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News Flash – Vertucci Goes Crazy

I LOVE NICK VERTUCCI!!! I LOVE HIS CONTRARIAN VIEW POINT!!! I also think he has gone insane with the summer heat. Nick, my brother, my crunk nizzle (as the kids say), you have got to be kidding me.

I have gone nuts when Home Depot failed to deliver doors for my kitchen cabinets on time. If something like ELECTRICITY was not being delivered to my house, I would look to burn the CEO of Con Ed in effigy and get pitch forks and torches (at least the torches would provide light). People died thanks to Con Ed’s failure to deliver the electricity people paid for.

The fallacy of your argument is your reliance on “these things happen.” This equates it to some sort of act of God. Snow happens. Hell, tornados happen. If a twister relocated a few transformers to Oz (or the East Side of Manhattan) then yes, I would say Con Ed should not be blamed (although we should have twister-proof transformers). But Con Ed screwed up while . . . DELIVERING ELECTRICTY! They are paid to deliver electricity. No outside influence came in and monkeyed with the process. Their wires are old and they didn’t get off their collective behinds to do the necessary maintenance.

Additionally – to equate a failure to conduct routine maintenance for an electric company with not changing a light bulb is such a poor analogy that it borders on insulting. When my light bulb goes out, only one light goes out. If, for example, one light bulb going out in my house would cause me to lose power throughout my whole house, you’d be right to assume I would be replacing light bulbs every two months just to be sure I didn’t lose power. And that’s just my house. Now, what if my failure to change my bulb resulted 100,000 people losing lights and refrigeration, let alone television, air conditioning, phones (in some cases) and the other things in life that run on electricity? I would assume that a mob would greet me at my door every time that bulb went out. And, if I wanted to live for any period of time, I’d be sure to change the bulbs.

There is one party at fault here Con Ed. We SHOULD blame them. Notwithstanding the failure to check the wires, they should be blamed because of their underestimates of the effected populace (originally they severely undercounted) which, while better from a PR standpoint, resulted in Con Ed’s they failure to marshal the resources to deal with this in a timely fashion. Con Ed should be blamed because they are responsible for perhaps millions of dollars of lost income as well as lives lost (and put in jeopardy).


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  • THANK GOD SOMEONE IS WITH ME and the other 399,000 residents of queens (excluded you Nick :))