27 Apr
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Great. Maybe now the City Council will take down their partisan banner ad against the Governor:

About a month ago I wrote about how the City Council was using it’s tax payer funded website for partisan attacks against Governor Pataki to push their and their teacher union buddies agenda. The banner ads in both English and Spanish attacked the governor accusing him of holding money back from the school system. No matter who is correct on the issue, the City Council shouldn’t be using a taxpayer funded website for political attacks. The NYYRC even issued a press release to the press to see if they would bother to report it. Of course it never happened because liberal papers like the New York Times would never attack the hand that feeds them no matter how wrong. Thanks to the media’s inaction the City Council has continued to get away with using your tax dollars to attack the Governor.

Several days ago the City Council issued a press release celebrating “education funding in the State Executive Budget”. Speaker Quinn in the release stated how “Through the leadership of Governor Pataki and the State Legislature we now have the means to move forward in our five-year plan to lower class sizes, to create libraries and science labs, and to provide our children with an education that will make them the leaders for a new generation.” I know, I almost fell out of my chair too, hearing Quinn use the words “leadership” and “Governor Pataki” in the same sentence.

What I want to know is if speaker Quinn really means what she says, why does the taxpayer funded City Council website still have banner ads attacking the Governor. I also want to know why the press continues to let them get away with it (hint, hint, to any journalist who may be reading this).

Checkout the ads for yourself below and you decide if taxpayer money should go for such partisan attacks, especially since right next to it is a press release how happy Speaker Quinn is with the new funding. If you’re like me and think the Council is out of line, call your Rep. and while you’re at it, a newspaper and tell them these attacks on our dime need to stop!

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