31 Jan
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Well at least some Democrats get it:

To the anger of many liberals, an attempt to filibuster the nomination of Judge Alito, led by Ted Kennedy and John Kerry failed miserably as 19 Democrats, including my favorite Joe Lieberman, voted against the filibuster.

Despite Ted Kennedy’s rant about how the future of the world was at stake and that the progression of every group in the country would revert back to the days of the British Empire, a number of Democrats seemed to understand what is really at stake.

Those 19 Democrats were able to understand that though they might not like Judge Alito and probably will vote against him during the up and down vote, President Bush’s overwhelming victory in 2004 was because millions of people, mainly Evangelical Christians, wanted a Republican to pick the next Supreme Court nominee(s). Those Democrats know with the 2006 mid-term election right around the corner, it didn’t make sense to enrage those voters with a filibuster, giving them reason to come out once again in mass against the Democrats. I personally was hoping for the filibuster, to give us the ammunition we need to get the hard right out in November.

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  • This site is always entertaining for it’s ass-backward analyisis’.

    (Who loves visiting for the humor of it all.)

  • Ok Meghan,

    Lets hear your analysis why Bush romped in the South and Midwest. I just look at the simple fact that Bush barely won in 2000 and we know 5 million evangelical Christians didn’t vote. In 2004 when he got over 50% of the vote (something Clinton never did) and won by more than 2 million votes, they did come out and vote.

    What’s your take on the cause of the victory? Are you saying the Supreme Court wasn’t on their mind considering that besides the Iraq war it was the only thing Kerry ever talked about?